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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Crystal arrives today!

I have but 30 minutes before I need to get in the car, gas up, and head west to LAX. Crystal's flight is delayed, but not to worry - we still have a good full day of beach, westwood, and karaoke. I cannot wait!

In the meantime, I wanted to talk about the marathon book I'm reading. It's written for women by another non-runner like myself. The book is humorous, and I'm learning alot. I have not started training - mostly because I haven't committed to a race yet. Well, i did commit to run the San Diego Rock and Roll marathon next year (June 6, 2010), but I figure I need to run something smaller first.

I DID commit to attend my first Team in Training meeting on July 11th - that's just 10 days away. There I will learn more about the program (thanks, Jenny, for the inspiration) and will actually choose an event to participate in. The Santa Barbara half-marathon is looking pretty good - but, wow, that's November 8th, which means I need to start training...tomorrow?

More to come on adventures with Crystal!

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