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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Current State of Summer Movie FUN

With the July 4th weekend now behind us, we are officially half way through the summer movie season. Although, the Summer Movie Season officially began on May 1st, and the last “summer” movie will open on August 28…so I guess we are technically more than half way there, but July 4th seems like a good midway point to assess what I think have been the most enjoyable and/or most disappointing films of the summer season.

I will say that I have been pleased with most of the offerings this year. The past two summers have disappointed me, with only IRON MAN and THE DARK NIGHT really rocking my world. But this summer has offered some really nice surprises.

The Little Summer Movie that Could: RUDO Y CURSI, starring Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal. This adorable Mexican film is a story of two plantation worker brothers who are scouted by a professional soccer coach to play in the Mexican leagues. Of course, they can’t handle the new lifestyle and make some bad choices, but the performances are compelling and it’s a good lesson on understanding how fame can really change a person. I absolutely loved this movie!

The Big Summer Movie that Couldn’t: X MEN ORIGINS/WOLVERINE: yeah, this just didn’t do it for me. Flashy cast and a storyline that I couldn’t follow. And I really love Ryan Reynolds. Ugh.

Funniest Movie that I Really Didn’t Plan to See: THE HANGOVER. Oh my God, I thoroughly laughed out loud during this entire movie! I hadn’t even intended to see this when I went to the theater on that Sunday. I had planned to see UP but didn’t realize that 3D movies were more expensive, so I bought a ticket for HANGOVER instead. I always knew that Bradley Cooper was funny, but the two other leads just really surpassed my expectations and I could definitely watch this movie again. HYSTERICAL!

Scariest Movie that I Didn’t Really Plan to See: FOOD, INC. This film will change the way you feel about our food…our government control over our food…and the everyday hamburger. Everyone should see this movie if for no other reason than to understand how important it is to buy local and buy in season. It truly breaks my heart to know that it’s cheaper for a family of four to get dinner at Burger King than purchase a hearty and healthy meal from ingredients at the grocery store. And don’t get me started on the soy beans and hamburger thing…

Creepiest Indie Summer Movie that’s Also an On-Demand Release: SURVEILLANCE. David Lynch’s daughter Jennifer finally made a movie that I can handle! Almost. This murder mystery starring Bill Pullman and Julia Ormond tells the story of two FBI agents who interview witnesses of a brutal highway murder…and then we find out what REALLY happened! Totally creepy, disturbing, maybe you don’t want to watch it alone.

Summer Movie that Made Me Want to Ask God for My 90 Minutes Back: MANAGEMENT. Just don’t bother. Steve Zahn is a total stalker and we are supposed to think that’s sweet.

Favorite Summer Blockbuster Film (so far) – STAR TREK. JJ Abrams has really impressed with this remix of a franchise that I never dug all the way…but this cast was amazing – handsome, funny, quirky, and believable. The plot was tight and the action and effects keep you hanging on the edge of your seat. I’m on board for the sequel, for sure!

What I’m Still Psyched For But Haven’t Made it To Yet: THE HURT LOCKER, SUMMER HOURS, MY SISTERS KEEPER

What I’m Still Psyched For But Hasn’t Opened Yet: (500) DAYS OF SUMMER, FUNNY PEOPLE, INGLORIOUS BASTERDS.

SO: stay tuned!!

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