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Friday, April 27, 2012

HOLY STONEWEAR! I'm blogging again!

Don't keel over dead - yes, I'm actually blogging again.  It's been years.  I'm no longer Turning 40.  I'm actually 44.

Since my last post - I've run two full marathons, 14 half marathons and a small handful of 10K races.  I've lost more weight.  I've gained it back.  I learned to knit.  I've cooked ALOT.  I've traveled a bit.  I have dogs again.  I've changed jobs.  And slept, too!

I'm back on my blog because I want to be an Amabassador for the Stonewear Designs Grassroots program.  If they pick me, I get to wear their stuff for free while I spread the word about how awesome they are.  And I don't doubt at all that they are awesome, especially when you check out their website:

Incredibly cute stuff that I can't wait to wear!  I can't do it alone, though - I'll need help!  Y'all have to read my stuff and then comment on it.  And if you thought I was shutter-happy before, wait until you see my photos of me sporting the cool clothes!

I'm excited.  About it all.  PICK ME, STONEWEAR!

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