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Sunday, June 1, 2014

EPIC Selfies in Honor of National Running Day

First of all, I have to be honest - the post-run selfie was not my original idea.  I have a friend, Ryan McRae, who began posting selfies to FB after he would finish the WOD at his Cross Fit class.  He wanted to get across the feeling of the workout, and whether he felt strong, whooped, tired, proud...whatever.  Sometimes the photo would convey joy, some days pain.  Pride, accomplishment, anger, exhaustion.  And we know that our runs make us feel all these emotions and senses and then some.

Flash Forward to me joining this running group and the Runner's World Holiday Streak in 2013.  My hubby and I headed to Lancaster, CA for Thanksgiving Weekend with his parents, and I vowed to run at least one mile each day on that trip.  And thought I would channel my friend Ryan with the selfies.  And so it began.  Now, almost 7 months later, the selfies are going strong and it would seem I have started a trend amongst Jenny's Challengers.  I FREAKING LOVE IT!!

So without and further delay, here's a short list of what I think makes for an EPIC selfie:

1.  First and foremost - a selfie is not a selfie if someone else takes it.  which usually means your pic is slightly awkward.  and that's okay.  Holding the camera as far away from your body as possible while maintaining the frame...and you may want to hold the camera in one hand while clicking with another. For safety, of course, if you are on a treadmill, stop the treadmill before you take your selfie :)

2.  For National Running Day, try to frame your shot so it not only includes your face, but reflect your regional location with skyline, trees/horizon, stuff like that.  Show us where you run!!

3.  Most importantly, the selfie should reflect your workout.  Did you seriously kick ass on National Running Day?  Or did the workout fall short of your expectations?  Are you triumphant?  Or exhausted?  Happy?  Elated?  Tired?  Dehydrated?  SHOW US!!!

So - there you have it.  Some samples from the early selfie days are posted here for your "entertainment", ha ha.

For Jenny's Challengers, I can't wait to see everyone's happy smiling faces in honor of National Running Day!  Thanks to everyone for embracing the idea...and to Jenny Hadfield for creating the event page.

I RUN TO REACH MY GOALS....and so much more!!

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