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Friday, May 29, 2015

New Period of History in my Life - ATG: After the Gala

Well, PCC Celebrates has come and gone.  The Foundation raised $1,075,538 for new student scholarships!  Much of that will be endowed and given away annually in perpetuity, but much of the money will be awarded in Fall 2015.  The event was a HUGE success!  Many of my own friends and family were volunteers - the student volunteers were amazing - the 3D Projection Mapping Finale was fantastic.  All in all - just SO much work but SO much fun and very VERY validating for our college and our Foundation!!

Immediately ATG, I spent all day Sunday with my AMAZING husband and his new Master's Swim Club, Golden Road Aquatics.  Little did I know that Mr. Mike Lucero just launched this team in MARCH of this year and he has over 100 swimmers on the roster ALREADY!  This past Sunday they competed in their FIRST master's swim meet and it was FANTASTIC!  I believe the team took second place, and my super swimmer hubby placed in all three of his events!  I was SO proud!!

In an earlier blog post, I wrote about "shit" I'm gonna do ATG:  After the Gala.  And this week I'm doing alot of it!!

Monday, May 18th:  
Woke up and was very excited to try on my new wetsuit!  After some coffee and a little chil-axing, Charles and I headed to Belmont Shores in Long Beach.  We geared up and hit the water.  First of all, I'm gonna tell you that wetsuits are AWESOME.  So truly buoyant in the water, and it's hysterical when you're feet get behind you and start to raise you up!  I really had a hard time initially because salt water/ocean water tastes AWFUL.  And the water is cold!  So it took me a long, long time to day to get a rhythm.  I still don't have it.  Alot of stopping, coughing, spitting out water.  Alot of "water polo" stroke.  But I still stuck it out for 1.83 miles in the water - the LONGEST I've ever swam (swum?).  Took 90 minutes.  Which could be okay given that I'd like to finish my swim leg of my triathlon in less than 45.  We'll see.  I still have two months and hopefully one open water practice each week before Music City!!

Tuesday, May 19th:
Had some personal business to take care of in the morning, but then it was off to Burbank and the Verdugo Pool where I participated in my FIRST...EVER...MASTERS...SWIM...PRACTICE!  Holy shit!  I can't believe I was being coached by one of my husband's high school competitors and swimming with super accomplished swimmers.  I felt fairly empowered although I did manage to wack the lane lines more than once.  Still, it was a fun practice which has left me feeling and thinking that anything is possible in the swimming realm.  

After the swim it was off to Redlands where my AMAZING stylist Amber Donoho gave me pink hair again!  I LOVE THIS WOMAN!  I am styling a sweet pink faux-hawk and LOVING IT!  although, I really should have purchased the City Swept spray wax, so I'll need to hit up Amazon come pay day.  I have been avoiding shampoo right now because I don't want the pink to fade!  But sadly, I'm going to need to wash my hair fairly soon since I will be hitting the pool on Friday.  

Another blessing about being in Redlands on Tuesday was that we got to see our very best couple friends, Molly and Lyle.  It had been just over a month since we'd seen Molly, but I'm pretty sure we hadn't seen Lyle since our anniversary celebration in Catalina this past September.  YIKES.  It was great to see them and hang out!!  

Wednesday, May 20:  
Not a "true" two-a-day today, but I did hit up the gym and walked to the movie theater.  My first movie since March...I think.  Charles and I saw FURIOUS SEVEN at the cheap theater - ten bucks on Wednesdays gets you two tickets, two popcorns, and two sodas.  It also gets you some annoying women sitting behind us talking through out the previews and a single guy in the front row who was seemingly talking to himself through the entire movie.   Weird.

I will say this about FURIOUS SEVEN:  it's super duper high octane even if the dialogue is horrible and the plot is sort of ridiculous.  Some really REALLY cool stunts and chase scenes....Kurt Russell and Jason Statham totally chew up every scene they are in.  

SPOILER ALERT - they handled the death of Paul Walker very graciously with this film.  I expected his sudden death to be written into the plot, but looks like they were able to allow Brian and Mia to walk off into the sunset....and the last five minutes of the film are definitely a valentine to Paul Walker.  Yes, I cried.  

Then it was back to work and back to the grind...which is much less "grindier" than before.  Thank goodness.....

Friday, May 29th:
I've let this post stagnate a little bit, but it's still been a pretty crazy time ATG.  Happily training - did my first 60 mile bike ride last Saturday; another ocean water swim in Sunday; and ANOTHER movie (MAD MAX:  FURY ROAD) on Memorial Day.  

ATG is a pretty cool period.  I'm still kind of in denial that the event happened.  But people keep telling me that it did.  I'm proud.  And relieved that it's over.  

Now..."back to life, back to reality...."

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