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Sunday, July 19, 2015

In Which McPeak SHOULD Be Doing a Mid Term Progress Report - But Is Uncertain of Progress

For real, people, it's already fucking MID July.  I am half-way through 2015.  Which means I am SUPPOSED to be half way to Becoming My Best Self.  This is the month where I should go back, reflect on the year so far, and figure out where to go from here.  So let the reflecting begin.

In December, when I first starting thinking about Finding My Ideal Race Weight, I had just discovered The Rich Roll Podcast and was convinced that it was time for me to be a Plant Based athlete.  I'm not completely throwing that away, but have since learned so much more about nutrition and food that I'm all over the place on what I think is best for me.  Is it...
1.  Plant Based?
2.  Intermittent Fasting?
3.  Blood Type Diet?

4.  Paleo?

5.  Keto?

Yeah, I'm fucking confused.  I know that I am going through health and fitness podcasts like an addict - and yes, I still listen to Rich Roll, but I also have discovered Jimmy Moore, Shawn Stevenson, Ben Greenfield, Ameer Rosic, Brian Williamson, Health Nuts, Balanced Bites, Abel James and Vinnie Tortorich.  Holy shit.  There are alot of opinions, studies, research facts, so forth on nutrition and diet.  

So what do ALL of them seem to be saying?  Here are the commonalities:
1.  Wheat is bad.  
2.  Processed food is bad.
3.  Sugar is bad.
4.  Factory Farming is bad.
5.  Whole foods are good.
6.  Fruits and veggies are good.
7.  Believe it or not, FAT is good.

With all that in mind, I'm leaning towards starting a combination of Keto/Paleo/Blood Type situation that would have me focusing on whole foods, grass-fed proteins and dairy products, fats, and lots of green leafy veggies.  Still eating fruits, but as low-carb as possible, and YES - i fully intend to give up wheat, corn, and sugar.  For the month of August, I reckon I am going to have the Keto Flu BADLY.

But at least finally I have a game plan that feels like I can stick to it and will not have me bored within two weeks.  I'll basically roam the outside aisles of the grocery store and if the food item comes in a box, I am not going to buy it.  I'm going to do what Matt Frazier from No Meat Athlete has been preaching all along:  enjoy a smoothie and a salad every day.  

Done.  August 1st is GO day.  

The second element of my Becoming My Best Self game plan was to declutter my life.  That's getting easier, although I am currently in a slump.  So far this year, I have accomplished these things:
1.  One full cycle of Project 333
2.  No more cable
3.  One good, solid garage purge
4.  A successful 45 day detox of Facebook from all devices

I'm pretty proud of those little victories!!  But you should see our garage right now.  It's a nightmare.  Although, it's not our fault.  Charles' parents were downsizing their house during a move from Lancaster to Camarillo, and we inherited all their old stuff.  Once they are firmly in the new house for good (and are done using our garage for storage, LOL), we are purging again.  I do see a yard sale in our future!!

The final point in Becoming My Best Self was to be more inspirational and helpful to people by sharing my life and my learning - and that's hopefully where this blog is doing SOMETHING - other than me just listening to myself think.  Have I helped anyone along this journey? I like to think so.  Although maybe not through the blog - but through being an example.

It's really cool when managers at my campus see me walking and they tell ME that they are "out doing a McPeak" - meaning that they are taking a lap around the campus.  Or that Peggy, our administrative staffer, does two walks a day with me now.  Or that my boss has asked me to help reconfigure our new office space to allow for working stretch breaks and how we can be more active when we relocate.  Or that my mother-in-law wants to know about healthy eating.  Or that I share podcast episodes with friends who might benefit from them.  Or someone actually asking me how I have time for all this "stuff" in my free time - when they clearly don't have any free time.  So, yeah, I think I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing and I'm digging on it.  Makes no difference to me if people read this or if they don't.

HOWEVER - having said that - once I post this, I would be very honored and appreciative if you DID read it that you leave one word in the comments on how it made you feel.  Just 'cause I'm a whore for feedback and would like to get some.  Pretty please :)

More to come later this week as we are getting close to RACE DAY for Nashville and there are some amazing things I want to do during my Vacation and Stay-cation!  Thanks for checking this out!!


gillewing said...

I enjoyed this and have also been trying to sort out a proper eating plan this year - using many of the same resources you have. Currently learning loads from Super Immunity by Joel Fuhrman - I love this because he really tells you why we should eat this and not that - lots of phytonutrients explained and anti-cancer agents in food etc. etc. He gives full references so you can check too. I'm not 100% plant-based and he even talks about animal-based foods as well - I recommend it to help sort out what's good to eat (for our health and energy). I'm a Nomeatathlete member for quite a few years now and love Matt's recommendations too. Good to read about someone else who sometimes finds the whole thing really confusing :-)

Kris McPeak said...

Thanks Gil! I need to read more from Dr. Fuhrman...I hear good things :)

I appreciate your comment so much. Have an amazing week!!

Heather Blakely said...

Love your blog! You are such an inspiration to me sole sister.

Danette Watt said...

I too am trying to figure out all the eating. Sugar is my big big nemesis and I still haven't cut it out of my diet. I'm also trying to simplify my life as far as decluttering. I want to move (which probably won't happen for another year or two) and I figure if I can purge and move kids' stuff to storage so I can one day ship it to them, it will make my life easier when we do move. It's tough to keep up a blog, I have one at if you want to check it out. I haven't done anything with it in about 6 months or so.