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Monday, August 10, 2015

In Which McPeak Has Finished Week One of Her Keto Exploration

When I finished the Music City Triathlon, i told myself it was really time to change my body and live up to what I preached in my blog about Becoming My Best Self in 2015.  From all the information I'd gleaned from podcasts, kindle books, and online blogs, i learned a great deal about the Ketogenic Diet and what it can do for weight loss, particularly FAT loss.  So I decided to give it a try.  What did I have to lose, other than fat and pounds, right?  LOL.

Defined simply, a ketogenic diet is high fat, moderate protein, and low LOW carb.  By lowering your carbohydrate intake, you are "forcing" your body to burn ketones/fat rather than glucose.  This particular meal plan was developed to help treat epilepsy in children, but has been popularized by many podcast hosts and other authors.  Jimmy Moore is a huge advocate of the ketogenic diet, as is (I think) Ben Greenfield.  So if this meal plan has assisted others in their weight loss journey, I figured I'd give it a try.

I started on a Saturday and did really good my first day.  Had bulletproof coffee for breakfast, a salad with avocado and cheese for lunch, Chicken and broccoli for dinner, and a green drink/protein smoothie for a snack, plus some mini-Babyel cheeses.  I have My Fitness Pal set to track my macros accordingly.  I'm shooting for 5% carbs, 80% fat, and 15% protein.  (and I will just note, In week one, I have yet to hit that mark!).

On Day 2, the hubby and I had Mongolian BBQ in a restaurant, and I did well there; but that was on the way to the movie theater where we had popcorn and Diet Coke.  FAIL!

Days 3-7, my first full work week, I think I did really great.  I'm shooting for 1700 calories per day with that macro breakdown of 5/80/15, and I'm averaging 1385 calories per day.  So i need to step that up, and I think FAT is probably the way to do it.  I can easily see that I'm gonna go through more Fat Bomb recipes and Coconut Oil in my green drinks and smoothies.  

Weekends will be for recipes and experimenting.  This weekend I tried making Paleo Pancakes with coconut flour (I liked them, Charles did not); and we also made Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies (we both liked them, but they are SUPER dry).  Granted, Paleo is NOT keto, but the tenants are still the same.  Using coconut flour in place of regular flour and coconut oil as well.  I also made my first "Fat Bomb" and it's clear that I need different recipes and concepts.  I made the blueberry-cream-cheese made with coconut oil...and butter.  And they are what they are - Fat Bombs.  But don't really taste great right now.  We'll keep trying!

However, this weekend I also did find myself in a pseudo-fast-food place; and while I made the very best dining choice possible (Shrimp Taco Salad with extra avocado and NO taco shell bowl), I still gained weight over the weekend.

So speaking of weight, I did get on the scale three times this week:  
August 5:  155.9 pounds
August 7:  155.3 pounds
August 8:  154.7 pounds

That was a total of 1.2 pounds lost.  Not bad.  But after that Shrimp Taco salad and not much of a workout on Sunday, my weight this morning was up to 157 pounds!  I was devastated and did not log the number.  However, as Rome was not built in a day, I need to ride this out and do my best to see what happens as we push on into Week 2.  

I also took measurements this morning, and starting tomorrow will include body fat percentage from my scale.  I will post those results next time!!  

Let's do this!!

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