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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Austin, Here I Come!

I've been away from writing for a couple weeks now.  Shit happens.  Work gets busy.  You get your period.  (what?)  Sorry about that. 

As I'm writing in this moment, I'm at LAX waiting to board a plane to Austin, TX.  I have about 90 minutes until I leave.  There is knitting to finish, emails to answer, and writing to do.  And some oatmeal to eat.  And probably another trip to the bathroom.  And fill my water bottle.

Still.  I have unfinished business with myself.  What exactly is that?  The fact that I'm not running (much) and I'm still not all-the-way vegan.  Why is that?  How hard is it to stick to your training plan and just not eat animal products?  Right?  it's not hard at all.  I'm just getting very good at making excuses and MAKING it hard.  I'm MAKING THIS HARD.

Ridiculous.  Unconscionable.  Out of hand.  Stupid.  Weak.  Cowardly.  Chicken-Shit.  Embarrassing.  

I could do that for at least 200 more characters, but what's the point?  The point is, I'm not aligning with my values like I promised.  I'm not staying the course.  I'm moving away from my goals instead of towards them.  I'm not acting as My Best Self.

So - how do I move forward?  How do I change?  How do I rekindle the passion and stick to my plan?  Well...I make a list of Things to Accomplish in Austin and totally blow it out of the water.

Not a huge list.  A simple list.  Challenging, but attainable.  Frivolous, but not (overly) unhealthy.  Uniquely Austin as much as possible.  And try SOMETHING new.  

All right, this sounds fun!  Let's get this list going!!

1.  Move Daily.  
There's a 24 hour gym in my hotel, I can walk during lunch and breaks, and I can run in the morning and/or after sessions.  

2.  Eat a Plant Based Breakfast Each Day.
They will provide meals in the dining hall, so as long as I stick to oatmeal, fruit, and nuts/seeds, I should be just fine.  

3.  Enjoy Queso Three Times - Three Different Places
I did say frivolous.  Not overly unhealthy.  Don't gorge.  Savor the queso and enjoy the moment.  Texas Queso is pretty much the greatest non-plant-based thing EVER.

4.  Wake Up in Gratitude Every Morning
Don't hit that snooze button and roll back over.  Sit up, take a deep breath, and focus just one minute on something to be thankful for.  Breathe it out, smile, and get moving (see Item #1).

5.  Read Something Inspirational Each Day
I'm going to have access to all my devices pretty much all the time.  So when I'm not focusing on sessions, I can look at the Kindle App and read a few paragraphs of something uplifting.  Vegan diet, Buddhism, Running, etc.  I have a ton of options.

6.  Knit for One Hour a Day
Because I have projects to finish.  And I want to wear them.

Six Goals.  That seems easy enough.  So here we go.  Austin, here I come!!

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