Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm tired but there's so much going on

I first would like to talk about the sucky Golden Globes news conference - ugh. I can't even begin to share my disappointment. Kind of like a porno movie with no orgasm...or something like that. I don't even know if I can muster up the courage to do my Oscar Email this year...but of course I will.

The weekend of January 12/13 I saw 6 movies at the 19th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival. It was great fun. My favorite film was UNDER THE SAME MOON, about a mexican boy who makes his way to LA to be with his hard-working/illegal mother after his grandmother dies. It was a wonderful little film and will be released in the US sometime in March. Go see it! Also enjoyable was PROTEGE, a film from Hong Kong about an undercover cop working in the heroin underworld who falls for an addict and must stop a drug lord. It was tense and very well paced - the ending was a little manipulative, but I've definitely seen worse. Ambitious but missing the mark, THE AIR I BREATHE wanted to be fun and hip like Tarantino, but was just too clever for its own good. It's opening here in LA this coming weekend.

The film festival was great but I got deathly sick with one of the worst colds I've had in years. Had to take Monday and Tuesday off of work, which is why no new blogs until now. Well, that and a couple other things.

Like my big 40th birthday bash in Las Vegas!! 12 of my closest friends from all over the country (as far east as Fort Lauderdale!) coming to hang in Vegas and party with me. I intend to write more about that later along with the very important lessons I am learning about being 40 plus i hope to ambitiously write one of my famous "madonna poems" that can be published here for the guests to enjoy!

For now, though, I must have some tea and watch a few episodes of LOST (season 3) before I retire for the night. My body is still on Vegas time and I'm exhausted but not quite "tired" yet.

To be continued....

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