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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spring Break is crap when you are a professional

yes, it's spring break at my current institution and while I like the quiet, I wish I could be on spring break. there is so much i would out every morning for three hours, take a long shower, see some movies, shop, sit around at home and do nothing but watch TV, cuddle the hubby, maybe write some letters, eat Fig Newtons and reflect on what it will take to become famous. Or not. But I'm at work and trying to play catch up but I'm horribly bored and uninspired.

I've been 40 for one month and 2 weeks-ish. The past six weeks were busy with work and trying to prepare for Oscar Sunday. Oh, Oscar Sunday. What a disappointment. I think I'm going to switch my focus for 2008 and just see indie films so I can prepare for the Independent Spirit Awards, clearly a more entertaining awards show these days. The host (Rainn Wilson) was suitably raunchy, the presenters hysterical (Dustin Hoffman, OMG), and the awards winners justified. That's really all I want to say about that subject.

My sister is being deployed to Iraq. My sister, who is 34, married with two kids, and a Captain in the army. She's a protocol officers, so I don't understand why they need her over in Iraq. You think that deployment happens to other people's sisters and family members, but now it's happening to one of mine. So I've covered both of the "someone else" categories - the whole HIV positive thing is another one. More on that later...

Looking are the five things I'm looking forward to in this next month:
1. Joining weight watchers
2. Going to PA to see all my siblings....before my sister gets deployed
3. Eating at Doughboys in LA again
4. the WACUHO conference in Sacramento
5. getting my hair cut

I have simple needs, let me tell you. Being 40 certainly seems less complicated today.

Back to work...

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