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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

so it's been another year...

As my dear friend Crystal is set to arrive next week, I am reminded once again how bad I am at this but how badLY I want to be better at it!

Amy and Tera, you definitely inspired me to give this another try. And maybe now I can actually make time to say something at least once a week.

Looking at the things I was excited to do as reflected in my last post, here are a couple milestones for the past year...

1. Reaching my Weight Watchers goal weight of 135 and then becoming a Lifetime Member! This was such a big deal! I have really embraced this program and made a real lifestyle change. I'm now a Size 4, can wear a two-piece bathing suit, and haven't eaten a "real" hamburger in months. I love what I've done...and I love that I keep doing it!

2. Being elected to the Executive Committee of WACUHO (Western Association of College and University Housing Officers) as Member at Large, South Area. I LOVE my professional association and my fabulous colleagues. Joining this committee was a real boost for me and I can't wait to serve ths region for 09-10.

3. Seeing my Arkansas buddies during the month of June: That would include a FABULOUS and yet long day of preparing to see THE PRICE IS RIGHT with my dear friend Amy Fujimoto and then experiencing Bahooka for the first time with Amy and her family. And the hubby was able to come along too! Then traveling several thousand miles to the OTHER coast for 4 days of Fort Lauderdale bliss with Bryce and Corey. I have an amazing tan and great stories to tell from both of these visits. Bryce and I even made the famous Southern Comfort punch and everyone was impressed!

And now these are things that I'm committing to for the future:
1. Setting a goal to see as many summer movies as humanly possible. Entertainment Weekly wrote about 87 summer far I've seen 12 of them. At least.

2. About a month or so ago, my sister Jennifer finished her first marathon. I was so inspired by her dedication that I set my own goal and made a promise to run the San Diego Rock and Roll Marathon on June 6, 2010. In order to achieve this, I feel I need to run a half-marathon hopefully that will go down in November, December or January. Wish me luck!!

3. Trying to BLOG at leasdt once a week! Surely I have something interesting to say if I can play around on Facebook for hours at a time! We'll see how it goes!

Can't wait for Crystal to get here!

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