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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Ten Coolest Things I've Done Since My LAST Post

Yeah, I suck at this. I think my friend Crystal needs to just move here because when I spend time with her I am inspired to reflect on my life and actually say something (although, not always something witty that ends with "that's what she said").

My last post included five things I was looking forward to. Let me reflect a bit on that and then tell you about five other cool things I did since....February.

1. Joining weight watchers: INCREDIBLY successful endeavor!! 23.8 pounds later, I am wearing a size 12 comfortably and my face actually has cheekbones again. Half of my Weight Watchers at Work group are co-workers in my office, so it's been great to see everyone's progress and cheer each other on. I have learned to eat foods that I previously shunned, like mustard, pumpkin, and I actually ate a pecan the other day and liked it! Who knew!? I have about 20 more pounds to go because I want to wear a size 8!!

2. Going to PA to see all my siblings....before my sister gets deployed - this was a wonderful trip and I loved being with my brother, sisters, and all the nieces and nephews. We spent some time going through some of my dad's belongings, which was hard, but I just love having family time with my sibs. It's rare these days because we live so far apart...I can't wait until the kids are old enough to get on a plane by themselves.

3. Eating at Doughboys in LA again - I've done this twice since last blogging. They were out of raspberry syrup both times, but there is absolutely nothing yummier than the "afterschool special" of grilled cheese and homemade tomato soup. (sigh)

4. the WACUHO conference in Sacramento - this was an amazing surprise!! It was a great conference with lots of learning opportunities, but I also got to present a program with two of my AD's (sooo proud of them)...I became a conference committee chair....and won an award! An award I didn't even know I had been nominated for. It was a real blessing and I feel so embraced by this organization. I am so glad to be more involved with the association. 08-09 will be an absolute blast!

5. getting my hair cut - eh, this was pretty anti-climactic. I've had several haircuts since February.

SO: looking back at April through July, here are five more things that rocked:

6. Amy and Todd visit LA - my former-Arkansas-turned-Chicago-friend-who-turned-me-on-to-roller-derby and her hubby/daughter won a trip to LA and I spent one very hot Friday with them in Hollywood. We brunched at Doughboys (OH yes!), walked the Walk of Fame, and then did a tour of the Stars Homes in the afternoon. Which is to say, we did a tour of the stars security gates and outside foliage. Madonna has two homes in LA according to our tour guide, and Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire are next door neighbors. Keanu was having afternoon company, and Aaron Spelling had a huge estate in the middle of a casual residential neighborhood. Lots o'fun! It was damn hot, though.

7. Summer Movies - Super Heroes are going to completely rock the summer. IRON MAN and THE INCREDIBLE HULK were great fun and of course we are all looking forward to THE DARK KNIGHT next weekend. Don't know if you can truly call KUNG FU PANDA a super hero, but that movie was alot of fun, too.

8. Getting caught up with WEEDS - I finally watched Season 2 of WEEDS. Maybe by the next time I post I will finally have seen Season 3 and 4. Maybe.

9. Horse Racing and my hubby's birthday - we had two successful weekends in a row at Hollywood Park Race Track. We were actually able to stay longer than three races, and we actually won money. I love the ponies. For Charles' birthday we stayed the night in Pasadena one weekend and then had a great dinner with his stepmom the following weekend.

10. Crystal comes to the West Coast - my dear friend from the Nashville days made her first trip out west. We did a day in San Diego, doing all things Carly in honor of American Idol Finalist Carly Smithson, which included the actual American Idols tour. I know, not exactly something that someone who blogs about being 40 would attend. But it was quite an interesting and entertaining show. We did a day in LA, with another trip to the Walk of Fame, another trip to Doughboys, and an afternoon at Arclight and Amoeba Records. Finishing the evening at PINKS and foregoing the karaoke plans because we were bushed. July 4th at Big Bear for the day and finishing things up with the Redlands July 4th celebration, which included an annoying Rod Stewart impersonator but a decent Cher impersonator.

What does the future bring now that I will be 40.5 years old as of tomorrow (nice how that worked out...)?
1. Emmy Nominations next Thursday
3. CD Training, CA Training and the new school year
4. My 14th Wedding Anniversary in September
5. Wicked/Madonna Weekend, The Sequel, coming October!!

Until next time.....