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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hitting My Mid-40's - Version 2.0

Hitting My Mid-Forties – Version 2.0

In January of 2012 I originally published “Hitting My Mid-Forties: 44 Things I Wish to Accomplish in 2012” and shared with a handful of “accountability partners” – my friends. I gave myself from birthday to birthday to get these 44 things “done”. And I’ve made good progress (see last set of goals). But now that summer is here (at least for the higher education professional), I need a reboot. I’ve found that some of my goals are no longer achievable – and others have reached a new place where they deserve a category. So now that I’m blogging again – here is version 2.0 of my 44 goals, broken down into categories.

Health and Fitness:

1. Lose the 30 pounds I’ve gained since I started running.

2. Complete the Northern Calfornia Half Marathon Series

a. Races Complete: Davis Stampede, Bidwell Classic

b. Races Pending: Davis

3. Take a golf lesson

4. Ride my bike from Chico to Paradise (or the other way!) on the bike Trail

5. Run with the dogs at least once a month

6. PR at the Nike Women’s Half Marathon!

7. Get an eye exam

Skills and Hobbies:

8. Learn to make pasta from scratch

9. Design two more knitting patterns for sale and/or publication

10. Cook 12 dishes from Nadia G’s Bitchin Kitchen

a. Parpadelle with Shitake Mushrooms and Proscuitto di Parma – Jan 21

b. Foie Gras Croquettes – February 12

c. Gnocchi Poutine – February 12

d. Sirloin Shepard’s Pie – March 18

11. Take one cooking class at the Chico cooking store

12. Bake some of Aunt Ruth’s cookie recipes

13. Take a wine tasting class


14. Call my siblings at least every other month

15. Send birthday cards to all the nieces and nephews

16. Meet one new person at Chico State each month

17. Write 6 reflection letters/notes to friends based on Christmas Cards

18. Have one “date” with the hubby each week

Northern California Exploration

19. Visit the CA State Capital

20. Visit Lake Tahoe

21. Cross off another baseball stadium

22. See a professional football game

23. Attend a Northern California film festival

24. Eat at every breakfast restaurant in Chico

a. The Roost – January 21

Culture, Arts, and Personal Development

25. Read a book about spirituality

26. Finish reading the Millenium Trilogy

27. Watch 5 Billy Wilder films that I’ve never seen before

28. Make a list of 12 movies that changed my view of cinema or culture

a. Torch Song Trilogy


c. The Elephant Man


29. Grow my hair long again

30. Get a new tattoo

31. Spend an entire day watching a full season of an HBO show On Demand

32. Find and purchase the three remaining city prints we need for the house (Bellingham, Fredericksburg, and Phoenix)

Completed Goals!

33. Attend a professional basketball game – purchased tickets for PHX Suns on March 10th

34. Cut my hair short again (January 12)

35. Visit the outlet mall in Vacaville (April 20)

36. Send a Valentines Day card to the 12 people who have been most influential in my career

a. James Conneeley

b. Claire Good

c. Rich Clark

d. Tammy Gocial

e. Tina Smith

f. Ruben Robles

g. Tim Trevan

h. Emily Sandoval

i. Rick Hagan

j. Suzanne Seplow

k. Josh O’Connor

37. Clean and reorganize the garage (May 28)

38. Learn to Knit (March 2-18: first project completed!)

39. Try a new genre of cuisine (Ethiopian, March 10)

Which leaves me 5 goals short of 44. So during this one TRUE month of summer, I want to add five more goals to the list. I don’t have to complete them – but I do need to explore other ideas! I would love to hear yours!  Comment Away!!

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