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Sunday, December 9, 2012

I Shouldn't Set Goals :(

My elaborate pass at setting 44 little goals for 2012 in honor of turning 45 in January was somewhat of a bust.  I guess there's something to be said for biting off more than you can chew, setting your expectations high, or just getting caught up in other aspects of life.  Looking back, 2012 was actually a very interesting year.  And I did accomplish alot.  Let's see...

Completed goals include:

1.       Attend a professional basketball game – purchased tickets for PHX Suns on March 10th
2.       Cut my hair short again (January 12)
3.       Visit the outlet mall in Vacaville (April 20)
4.       Send a Valentines Day card to the 12 people who have been most influential in my career
5.       Clean and reorganize the garage (May 28)
6.       Learn to Knit (March 2-18:  first project completed!)
7.       Try a new genre of cuisine (Ethiopian, March 10)
8.  Spend an entire day watching a full season of an HBO show On Demand (Boardwalk Empire)
9.   Grow my hair long again (still growing....)
10.  Read a book about spirituality (well....I BOUGHT one - so consider this a 50% goal)
11.  Learn to make pasta from scratch
12.  Get an eye exam
13.  Cross off another baseball stadium (AT&T Park, on Labor Day)

What am I most proud of?  Learning to knit.  I guess it can be said that I took to it like wildfire, and i haven't stopped since!  I've knit a total of five pairs of fingerless gloves, about seven cowls, two scarves, three hats, and am currently about to finish my first shawl.  I did design a pattern that posted here on my blog, and have been thinking about designing more...but I'd like to take a class first.

What am I most disappointed in?  That I didn't finish the Northern California Half Marathon Series.  The Walnut Creek Race came up less than a week after I was completely over the worst stomach flu of my life.  I certainly could have pushed through it, not worrying about time or anything like that, just to finish....but there were just so many elements against me.  So I took the "higher road" of maintaining my health, and I guess I'm glad I did.

2013 will bring a wealth of new challenges my way.  My husband, Charles, and I have decided to become triathletes!  We will run our first event, a reverse sprint triathlon, on February 23 in Los Alamitos, CA.  We've registered and everything, so there's no turning back.  And as we've started training already, the next thing I'm most proud of this year where my fitness is concerned is swimming....and actually putting my face in the water.  Even six months ago, I would not have predicted that being a reality at all.  

It's still possible that I can finish items on my Aunt Ruth's cookie recipes seems easily done with the holidays well as cooking up some more of Nadia G's dishes.  But I will be smarter next year - set fewer goals, and add to them as the year goes by. 

Still....13 goals isn't awful.  It's more than some people do in a lifetime, I suppose. 

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