Friday, July 4, 2014

How I Plan to Win My Diet Bet - Day Three: The Apocalypse!

THE FINAL DAY – July 3, 2014
“woke up, fell out of bed….” Dragged my butt onto the scale.  Not bad today – 140.1.  Just a little over a half pound down from yesterday.  I’ll take it.  But I really have to work hard today!

What did I learn from yesterday?

1.        I need to eat solid food to feel full.  Juice is great if it’s combined with quality meals.  I cannot survive on juice alone.

2.       Having said that, I don’t need a ton of food to feel full.  I felt smart in packaging up my greek salad at the restaurant BEFORE digging in so I wouldn’t eat the whole thing.  And when I really put my mind to eating slowly and deliberately, I can make the food experience last longer.

Again – these aren’t things I didn’t already know.  I totally needed to reflect on it and write about it to let it “digest” in my brain…no pun intended.

HOWEVER:  massive panic ensues when I get up because I realize that I have a wedding reception to attend tonight.  HOLY CRAP.  There will be wine, cake, Italian food that I shouldn’t be eating….see me being totally mortified.  I need a battle plan. 

So….here’s the day…

5:50am – Like I said, dragged my ass out of the bed (went #2, sorry) and hit the scale.  Dressed for the gym and out the door.  Did my streak mile plus a little extra (20 minutes) and then my Strength Training for Runners (25 minutes).  One full glass (16 ounces) of water before I leave for the gym; a full CamelBak (21 ounces) bottle at the gym.

NOTE ON THE SUPER DIETERS TEA – I reckon I didn’t have enough to really “move through” so that aspect of my morning wasn’t super scary or overwhelming. 

7:10am – grocery store and home for a shower.  The hubby was awake so we had a cup of coffee and visited before I made my protein smoothie:  ½ cup blueberries, ½ cup Trader Joe’s Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, 1 scoop of protein powder, and about ½ cup crushed ice.  I. AM.  IN. LOVE. WITH. THIS. SMOOTHIE.  I drink it on my walk to work.

ON MY WAY TO WORK – I text someone who can give me the inside skinny on tonight’s wedding reception event.  I anxiously await her response…

8:45am – FINALLY – I get here.  Fill my Kleen Kanteen and drink that one down pretty quickly.  My morning protein smoothie is gone, I rinse the glass and get to the business of work!  I have to prepare for a webinar and a conference call.  HQ = 4.

9:50am – Take my five minute Nike Fuel walk.  I go outside to do the walk.  The HQ is picking up….I need to think about some fuel for me!

10:24am – the webinar has started, I’ve filled the Kleen Kanteen again, and I’m chomping on celery.  Which I hate.  But this is how we must adapt when there is wedding food coming….

10:45am – Take my five minute Nike Fuel walk.  HQ = 8.  Another stalk of celery. 

11:34am – go to meet my boss outside to drop off a data projector.  Will do my 5 minute walk then.  HQ = 7

12:07pm – I have about 20 minutes until I have a training call, so I decide to eat my lunch now.  Lunch today is one full can of tuna, some chopped celery, and about 1 t. of light mayo, with some salt and pepper.  Once again, chewing like a crazy cow, stopping to drink water between bites, timing myself.  It takes 12:43.07 to finish the tuna.  I decide to pour the last of my Suja Mango Magic into a glass and sip it through the afternoon.  I have a half bottle left.  I also have four horrid stalks of celery left in my lunch bag in the case of absolute and positive desperation.  Because I truly hate celery. 

1:16pm – just finished my 20 minute lunchtime lap of the campus, and it’s WARM today.  I’ve got a horrid sweaty back now!  But with that walk I have met my Nike Fuel goal for the day AND won a total of 8 hours.  NOT STOPPING, because it’s imperative that I keep walking and earning fuel.  But I do feel accomplished at this point. 
Sadly, I also feel hungry – HQ = 6.  I finish the current Kleen Kanteen and fill up.  There’s a few more sips of Mango Magic.  Ready.  For.  The.  Day.  To.  End.

3:34pm – won the hours of 2 and 3pm for more Nike Fuel…ate another piece of celery and drank another bottle of water.  I’m quite sure that I’ve used the bathroom over 10 times today.  WOW.  At least I’m not retaining water.  We have permission to close the office 30 minutes early today…so at this point I’m just trying to get through a couple more tasks and then get out of here.  Maybe a nap before the wedding reception tonight….

5:30pm – tried to sleep, but at least was good to lay down.  I make iced coffee for me and the hubby and we try on our wedding reception outfits.  My initial dress choice needs a slip, so I pick a black sundress instead.  Drink two large glasses of water before we leave. 

7:30pm – we arrive at Pinocchio’s and connect with the Groom and Groom.  It’s a small party, and we are told there will be lots of dancing.  Awesome.  Immediately find the water carafe and start gulping copius amounts of H2O.  My HQ is high….about an 8. 

8:00pm – dinner is served!  I fill my plate with salad first and foremost – not the already dressed Caesar Salad, but romaine Italian salad.  Then a few broccoli spears and some chicken breast.  I stay FAR FAR AWAY from the very tasty looking cheese ravioli, that I’m told later by my hubby was outstanding.  NO WINE.  For now.  I’m still hungry, so I put another scoop of salad on my plate and eat the lettuce SO….VERY….SLOWLY.  I have to pee at least three times between dinner and cake. 

9:00pm – Toasts happen, I drink one glass of champagne and have a bite of the wedding cake. The cake…is….soooooo….yummy.  I resist the urge to grab my own slice!!  I am so fucking nervous that the champagne and bite of cake will be the end of me.  More….water…please.  
Still, this has been a really fun wedding reception and I'm pretty proud of myself!  Great hair night, too :)

10:00pm – we are home and ready for bed!  One cup of Super Dieter’s Tea, please!  I wound up volunteering to take my boss and the two grooms to the airport in the morning at 6:30am.  NO PROBLEM.  I will not be the hungover one in the car, ha ha. 

Before I close my eyes for my blissful slumber…I tell myself that I have been very good and I deserve to win my Diet Bet.  Yes I do….yes I do….yes I do….

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