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Saturday, December 27, 2014

I Have a Winter Break Bucket List

No, I'm not a student any longer...not really.  But I DO work at a college, and as such...I get a Winter Break every year.  I always make a list of things I wish to accomplish during the break, but more and more I become lazy and uninspired and the list falls by the wayside.  So for THIS Winter Break, I decided to make a Bucket List.

Many people think of a Bucket List as things you have to do before you "kick the bucket".  For others, a Bucket List is a dreaming list.  "If I ever get rich, i'm going to do this, this, and this."  So isn't it really that a Bucket List are important or worthwhile things that you want to accomplish during a finite period of time?  Because if we limit our Bucket List to big things that we want to do before we die...or things we think we can never afford or have time to accomplish...then we aren't really living.  We're just hoping to live and/or enjoy life someday.

I wanted my Winter Break to be both productive and enjoyable.  So my Bucket List is filled with both of those things.  I also have been creating quite the manifesto of Goals for 2015, so my bucket list is also filled with preparations I need to consider as I begin the new year with high hopes and expectations.

First item of business for the Bucket List:  Fitness, Fitness, Fitness!  The hubby and I have a GREAT race calendar planned for 2015, but my recent workout habits have fallen a little by the wayside.  So it's imperative that my Winter Break Bucket List feature a good amount of exercise and working out. Included in those workouts will be the goal of reaching 2.3 million Nike Fuel and earning three new Nike Fuel trophies!  Two of the trophies include working out at night, which is something that makes sense to do during Winter Break, when I don't have to be up early for work!

The end of the calendar year also means a great deal of new movies, many of which are sure to be contenders for Oscars and Golden Globes.  My Winter Break Bucket List includes seeing at least five movies.  Ideally, too, I want to try and see movies with other people.  I'm always happy to see movies by myself, but better to connect with friends or family when seeing a good film!

Part of my game plan for 2015 includes a de-cluttering of my world.  I intend to get a jump start on this by reading some material by minimalist writers Leo Babauta and Courtney Carver.  There will be a few small projects on the Winter Bucket list that get this jump started - the hubby and I have plans to donate a bunch of clothing to Goodwill/Out of the Closet, and we intend to go through our closets and the garage one more time.  I also plan to move away from my "addiction" to television and filling my head with programming that expands my horizons rather than stories and soap operas.  During the Winter Break, this will include getting ready to get rid of cable!

There are a few more things on the Winter Break Bucket List, but this is just a taste of what I have ahead of me this next week.  I'm really excited to bring in 2015 with a clearer mind, healthier body, and stronger focus.  Stay tuned for more progress blogging!!

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AMY said...

We were scared to give up cable, but it's been three years or so, and we would never go back!