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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Winter Break Bucket List - Sunday

Today was a mildly productive day with the Winter Break Bucket List.  I read a great deal of Courtney Carvers "Mini-Missions For Simplicity".  I still have another couple sections of the book left, but was highly intrigued by what I discovered today about:


The Clutter Section truly inspired me to carve time for a whole slew of Mini-Missions as the Winter Break reaches its next full week starting tomorrow...but it was great to get a couple things done today. First, I unsubscribed from at least 30 email lists that I've accumulated in the past two or three years.  Tomorrow I'll do another purge, then the next day, then the next day until I feel like I've purged all the unnecessary ones.  It felt good to begin lightening my load, so to speak.  

I also read about Courtney Carver's 333 challenge - where you try to limit your wardrobe to 33 pieces for 3 months.  You don't include things like underwear, PJ's, or workout clothing.  It's going to be a real challenge to pack up clothing that I like to wear in favor of simplicity.  But starting tomorrow I'm going to begin getting it together.  We have four tubs of clothing to donate to Out of the Closet, so tomorrow that gets done and then those tubs will be ready for my other clothing as I make the decision on which 33 pieces to hang on to for January, February, and March.

In the Productivity Section, I read about Sleeping Well.  Courtney Carver quoted Leo Babauta in his strategy for clearing his mind and falling asleep easily - just retrace the steps of your day.  Don't think about what you need to do tomorrow or what you will worry about later...but think about what you did today.  I got up, I made coffee, I did my workout, I walked to work....well, you get the picture.  Either I'll be so bored reliving the day that I'll drift right off, or the reflection will really help me get into the mood to transition to a new day.  either way, I'm going to try that tonight.

In the Relationships Section, I read about Loving Deeply.  Courtney talks about the shifting of energy in ways that help you be more giving of yourself to others.  In particular, I was moved by a statement she makes:  "Shift from being right to being quiet."  Which is not to say that I need to be seen and not heard, but it WILL help me reflect on how I speak to others.  Why do I have to be right all the time?  Why do I have to have the last word?  Focus energy on the person I'm spending time with and be more giving of myself - this will help me to love more deeply.

Now...another part of my Winter Bucket List has to do with movies.  I'm thrilled to share that I've seen three films since Winter Break started:  EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS, THE IMITATION GAME, and NIGHTCRAWLERS.  All three very entertaining in different ways.  THE IMITATION GAME featured a stunning performance by Benedict Cummerbatch that SHOULD reward him come Oscar time.  Although, I hear that Michael Keaton is still the leading contender for BIRDMAN.  we'll see.  there's still time!  

No workout today, but the hubby and I are setting our intention for getting Monday off on the right foot.  And finally moving away from bad food and setting new habits.  So the Winter Break Bucket list adventure continues!!

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AMY said...

What a great way to start the new year!