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Monday, December 29, 2014

Winter Break Bucket List - Monday

I think I'm getting sick.  Obviously this is NOT what's on my Winter Break Bucket List, but I'm doing what I can to keep it on an even keel.  Think we'll be doing alot more workouts indoors and I'll have to see what's to be done about my 16 mile run for this coming weekend.  Geez.

Today I did two workouts with Charles - one with the dogs at Eaton Canyon; the second was also at Eaton Canyon but we ran and hiked the trail.  Almost made it to the waterfall, but I had given out by then.  It was VERY crowded and lots of high school kids.  Not my thing.

Biggest accomplishment of the day was getting a box packed away as part of the Courtney Carver 333 challenge.  I pretty well emptied my "jewelry tower" of items I knew I wouldn't wear or use in the next three months.  I'm limiting my accessories to the top tier of the jewelry box....the other two tiers will be off limits. 
Then there's this box:  other accessories and items from the plastic tower in my bedroom.  It's getting put away in the garage until March 29th.  The box is dated and everything:
Tomorrow we'll do a couple more of these until I have my accessory plan going.

Why start with the accessories rather than the clothing?  That's because I can.  Right now I have four tubs FULL of stuff for good will, and it needs to be emptied before I can hit up my clothing selections.  But don't worry - i'm already pulling items that I think need to be included in the 33 items.  One black dress, one pair of black pants, one white shirt, one pant suit....that's as far as I am right now.  

No movies today - but i do have plans to have a movie date with my boss tomorrow.  The Bucket List still has a ways to go, but we are looking good so far!!

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