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Friday, January 16, 2015

Becoming My Best Self in 2015 - Week Two

Holy crap, can I keep up with this momentum?  At this stage, I'm going to be fully self-actualized before spring break!

Just kidding.

But seriously - my mood has been ecstatic lately!  I already feel like I'm happier, fitter, and healthier.  I'm certainly using a TON of tools to help manage my quest to Become my Best Self, and so far none of them are falling by the wayside.  Could it be that I'm ACTUALLY creating some new, positive habits?  Time will tell!

So for Week Two, I'm jamming.  Here are some strides I've made this week:

1.  Finding My Optimal Body and Race Weight 

While I've not directly weaned myself off anything "officially", I can safely say that I ate NOTHING processed this week (nothing from a BOX).  In line with Mark Bittman's game plan of being VB6 (Vegan Before 6pm), I created a new standard for myself:  RW/OB.  That stands for "Raw Without Bear".  "Bear" is the Term of Endearment that hubby Charles and I use for each other.  So I'm trying to eat raw when I'm NOT eating with him.  Most days, that means breakfast and lunch.  And this week was quite successful.  My starting weight on Monday was 150.9; today it's 148.3.  Although, I gotta get some more fruit options - this week has been mostly bananas, apples, oranges, and avocados.

Also in this vein, I've really been obsessed over the Rich Roll podcast.  I am learning SO much for this man and his guests.  Recently listened to his guest Osher Gunsberg talk about how giving up dairy basically cleared up his skin, averted all his allergies, and kick started his weight loss. devil....and Ice Cream...bastards...but maybe the reason why I've been so snotty on my long runs (sorry, that's gross) and why my face is a hot mess right now.  The idea of giving up dairy is kind of freaking out the hubby right now, but we'll see how the next week goes.  Baby steps, people.

2.  De-Clutter the "Space" I Occupy in This World

Project 333 is going really well.  I've been posting to Instagram most days when I am wearing pieces from my capsule wardrobe - which, in reality, is every day, LOL.  I'm two weeks in and so far "NO REPEATS"  for the work week!  The weekends are a different story - right now I'm cycling between the same pair of Lucy Spa Pants and Lucy Sweatshirt.  But I'm loving how easy this is in terms of figuring out what I want to wear!

The cable box is STILL hooked up.  Had delegated this to the hubby and it's not done.  You know what they say?  You wanna get something done right, you gotta do it yourself (Just Kidding, husband!).  With the three day weekend, I'm quite sure we can get it done on Monday.

I'm down to only two games on my iPad and NO games on my iPhone.  Facebook Messenger goes bye-bye after this weekend.  Already I feel more focused on learning and developing.  I feel as though I'm not wasting time.  SOOOO happy in this place!!

3.  Being More Inspirational and Supportive to Others

The urge to blog all the time is "killing me".  And I need to start writing down things as I listen to them, reflect on them, because I want to write about them.  I'm telling ya, Rich Roll's podcast is a true game-changer and his guests are incredible.  Amanda Slavin, Kathy Freston, Dr. Klaper....holy shit, I'm learning so much!  Given that I'm usually in motion when I listen, though, makes it hard to retain.  Gotta figure out how to hold on to some ideas.

And finally - meditation!  I'm downloaded the Headspace app and I'm on Day 6!!  Given that the Take 10 series will end soon, I need to make a decision on whether I'm going to subscribe to their site, or try to find more free meditations.  I found a meditation podcast called My Meditation Station, so this weekend I'll give it a try.  Now that I'm ALMOST meditating every morning (missed a couple days this week, dang it), I'm hoping to get mid-day meditation in habit mode soon.  I have an alarm on my phone that's set, but I've yet to follow up on it.  Hopefully next week I can try once and see how it goes.

I'm seriously happy - I really feel like 2015 is bringing a great deal of joy and a whole lot less stress!  Thanks for reading - and there will be more to come!!

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