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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Project 333 Modifications

I'm in the second week of #Project333 and so far, so good.  It's interesting to think of how long you can make your wardrobe last, and I know that I will enjoy creating different combinations using the pieces I've chosen.  I'm pretty sure that I have EXACTLY 33 items of clothing hanging in that closet.  BUT -  I've made some modifications to the "original" rules where jewelry, accessories, and shoes are concerned.

1.  Jewelry:  in the grand scheme of things, I wear VERY little jewelry, and most of the pieces are "sentimental" pieces like my wedding rings, my class ring, and my Tiffany necklaces from the NIKE Women's Half Marathon.  On a regular, basic day, I'm wearing those three things and a pair of earrings.  I also have a couple "statement" necklaces that I rotate and wear maybe every other week.  So I'm giving myself permission to not include jewelry in my 33 pieces.

2.  Accessories:  I'm a knitter, and have definitely created some pieces over the past couple years that I truly enjoy wearing...but in California, I wear them very seldom.  It's just not always cold enough for something knitted....although I do have a couple cowls that work for warm weather.  Still, this is another thing that I'm giving myself permission to not count in my capsule wardrobe.

3.  Shoes:  I'm sure I mentioned this before, but I'm a walking commuter and I've also made a habit of walking for five minutes every hour as well as walking during lunch time.  I wear running shoes to work and at work...unless I have a "big girl" meeting that requires dressy shoes.  Which I have a stash of in my drawer at the office.  And even then I only wear around two different pairs of shoes.  So, from a fashion standpoint, I don't really incorporate shoes into much of anything, so they too will be kept out of the 33.

Now some of you may be thinking, "Hey, McPeak, you're cheating!  33 pieces is 33 pieces!"  Yes, there's some truth to that.  But the entire point of the exercise is to minimize your wardrobe and do more with less.  Considering that there are pieces of clothing that were hanging in my closet that I NEVER ever wore...or maybe wore just once all year long...and when you look at the plastic tubs that now line the floor of my garage, I am proud to say that I truly am working with a capsule wardrobe and modeling a minimalist lifestyle where my closet is concerned.

New pics from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week!  #Project333 is so much fun!

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Keeping it simple, friends :)

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AMY said...

Those pics are adorable!