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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Project 333 is NOT Easy - But I'm Gonna Make it Happen!!

Some people buy tickets for big New Year's Eve parties....some people hit the bars and drink all, I completely clean out the closet and work on Project 333.  And I'm not sorry.  

On January 31st, I began Project 333 - something I read about on Courtney Carver's blog.  ( to learn more about Courtney Carver, visit  The goal is to restict your wardrobe to 33 pieces  for three months.  You include career items, casual items, shoes, and jewelry/accessories.  You do NOT count workout clothing, underwear, or sleepwear.  HOLY CRAP.  What a daunting thought.  Last night I began phase one - trying to create my target wardrobe for work by choosing pieces that could be mixed and matched with each other but also making sure that I have comfortable clothing to wear on the weekend.  No cheating by wearing sleep wear or workout items on the weekend!!

First - choose a couple easy signature pieces that can be worn together.  One black suit with gold trim (jacket and skirt), one plain black skirt, one plain black pair of pants.  One shell - cream colored with black birds - and one black/white print blouse that can also go with all those pieces.  
Suit (Karen Kane)
Skirt (Ann Taylor)
Pants (Banana Republic)
Shell (H&M)
Blouse (Ann Taylor)

Five pieces chosen already.  Done.  That was easy.

Add a black dress, denim jacket, and some blouses that add color:

Ann Taylor Black Dress
Gap Denim Jacket
Red Silk Button-up Blouse
Hot Pink short sleeved shell

Nine Pieces.  This isn't hard, is it?  What else can I add?

There's alot of black in this wardrobe right now...what about some other shades?  Add these pieces:
Brown pants
Brown and Pink Glen Plaid Skirt (Old Navy)
Brown/pink/red argyle short sleeved turtleneck sweater
Red/brown houndstooth plaid blazer
Brown long sleeve dressy tee shirt

14 pieces.  Shoot, I'm not even half way there!  But guess what?  I still need to add my casual clothing, shoes, and jewelry/accessories.  Ouch.

Okay, casual - what can I wear at work AND on the weekends?

two pairs of jeans - Chico's boot cut with embellished back pockets and Karen Kane WIDE leg with slim waistline.
one pair of Da Nang slim cargo khakis in grey
two pairs of Lucy Pants - one spa, one walkabout
One Long sleeve white Chico's blouse

Now I'm at 20 items and I'm getting ancy.  

There's more to come, but I stopped this post short.  As I'm writing's Wednesday January 7th.  I wore my first two items today:  The Simple Black Dress with the Gap Denim Jacket.  One pair of silver floral earrings (which I'll need to add to the list now) - so that makes my third item.  Lousy picture here but this is me on Day One of Project 333:

Where shoes are concerned, as a walking commuter I wear sneakers to work all the time so this won't be too hard....I can keep one pair of black pumps and one pair of brown pumps on standby.  So when you add the earrings, and three pairs of shoes...I'm on 24 pieces.  Only 9 more I can "count".  

Stay tuned as this experiment unfolds!!!

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