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Friday, January 9, 2015

Becoming My Best Self in 2015 - Week One

Happy New Year, indeed!  As I posted my goals manifesto on New Year's Eve, it's now a little more than one week later and I do feel compelled to share my progress so far.  I can't say it's been totally productive, but in alot of ways it's been VERY productive.  Here's the 411 on Week One:

1.  Finding My Optimal Body and Race Weight

On a scale of 1-10, I'll give myself a 6.  Charles and I both got sick right after the new year, so I haven't been eating the greatest.  Money challenges also kept us from purchasing healthy amounts of good produce.  So while I haven't introduced the Daily Salad as planned, we HAVE eliminated meat from our diet and I am planning on no alcohol until after the Surf City Marathon.

In the spirit of full disclosure, this weekend is my birthday.  And I intend on having two big splurge items (mostly to celebrate, but also because I'll be eliminating items like this all together from my diet in the next couple weeks):  there's my birthday treat from Starbucks; and Charles and I will be getting LA's Best Milkshake (according to Squid Ink food blog) on Saturday.  So there!!

2.  De-Clutter the "Space" I Occupy in this World

I made some great progress here!  On a scale of 1-10, I'm giving myself an 8!  The biggest project was preparing the capsule wardrobe with Courtney Carver's Project 333.  I began blogging about this a few days ago, but on New Year's Eve I began the process of weaning out my wardrobe and choosing my 33 signature pieces.  To be fair, I'm a little bit over the required quota, but I figure this is all a work in progress.  While I might actually be at 37 pieces, I can continue weaning as I go.  As of today I'm officially on Day Three and have currently utilized 9 pieces.

The really BIG change coming after this weekend is pulling the plug on cable.  Following the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night (my ACTUAL birthday), we'll disconnect the cable box and Charles will take it back to Charter on Monday.  That's going to be a HUGE change.  But it's also a necessary one and I'm looking forward to the challenge and how it changes our home life - I'm really wanting to use that as an opportunity to read more and spend more quality time with the hubby!

3.  Being More Inspirational and Supportive to Others

Already I'm doing this on a small level as I'm blogging about my 2015 journey.  So there you go, ha ha.  I think I'm about a 6 out of 10.  On the one hand, my intentions of beginning a meditation practice have been just that - intentions.  But I have started doing some mantra reciting as I'm preparing to fall asleep at night.  Reminding myself that I am grateful, that I can be gracious, and that I should be graceful...has been somewhat soothing.  But after one of Rich Roll's recent podcasts on developing a morning routine, I've discovered the Headspace app, and I plan to get that rolling as of today.  Which is to say, I meant to start this morning.  And I want to try it at some damn point!!  Hopefully the next time I share with you, I will have something positive to report!

But on the "learning and sharing more" front, I'm taking time each night to read a little, and I continue to invest time in podcasts during my walks to and from work, when I take my "lunchtime laps" and when I run.  My favorites right now?  

There are more...but did you think you were getting them all at one time?  Heck no!  You have to come back and learn more about my journey :)

So - that's week one.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I will be celebrating my 47th birthday in style, but with less.  This is my first true Simplicity Birthday Weekend.  Chat more soon!

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