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Friday, February 20, 2015

Is February Over Yet? I'm Tired of Antibiotics. But I'm Proud of Me!

This month started out really fabulous with the Surf City Marathon and earning three medals.  Then I got sick.  And I got better.  And my skin started going crazy.  Dang.  Is it ever gonna end?

It's all good.  I went back and read some of my other blog posts and was reminded of Kathy Freston's PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION.  So while I haven't been stepping on the scale and I still have some moments of stress eating, I'm sticking to my plan of becoming My Best Self in 2015.  Over this past week I rejoined the Pasadena Pacers with Amy, I began my swim training, I swam TWO FULL LENGTHS OF THE POOL at LA Fitness doing freestyle without stopping.  I feel pretty good about myself and where I'm going.  I'm more motivated than ever.  And I'm going to stay the course, even when I have tough weeks.

I completed the Foundation Series of Headspace this week and I feel great about where my meditation practice is going.  I find that my days are more balanced when I start the morning with Headspace and I feel really focused.  I'm moving into a new series on Happiness and am looking forward to the journey.

Finished the RRP episode featuring Mark "Fightshark" Miller - it's a LONG one.  But, wow, what tenacity this guy has!  The episode ends with Rich Roll assigning homework:  listeners are asked to identify the TEN WORST THINGS to ever happen to them - determine how you dealt with them - and see what you learned about yourself that makes you rise above adversity.  Just the type of homework assignment that I would identify with, especially in the quest to become My Best Self.  I'm creating this future blog on Blank Page right now, and we'll see where it takes me.

And speaking once again of the RRP, once I finished the 2+ hour Fightshark episode, I listened to the much shorter and  yet still eye-opening chat with "Food Babe" Yani Hari.  DANG!  Is this woman dedicated to investigating what's in our food and what we need to be aware of.  Reminds me of a film we used to watch in grade school called "Eat, Drink, and Be Wary."  It would seem that she helped uncover the fact that Subway used an ingredient in their bread that is also found in yoga mats.  And that she tried to get Kraft to change some of the additives used in Macaroni and Cheese that Europe already required them to remove.  If you thought I was "obsessed" with Rich Roll before, you should see how I'm spouting about Yani Hari over the past few days!  I just ordered her book, "The Food Babe Way" and downloaded her Ultimate Grocery Guide.  AND - within a few days I'll be debuting a short video that I'm creating as part of a national contest she's sponsoring.  Stay tuned - and learn more about The Food Babe Way!

Finally, I am reminded that I promised to give up dairy and do another garage purge by the end of the month.  I'm hoping to hit up that garage this weekend - especially since I thought about finally selling - or donating - all of my CD's.  I don't really have anything to play them on, and find myself wanting to listen to podcasts more and more these days.  I love the idea of taking my entire file box to Amoeba Records in Hollywood and just gently placing it on the counter before saying "have at it" while I explore the store.  Although...I can NEVER get out of Amoeba Records without buying SOMETHING.  So I might still come home with new music, but without spending any money.  And hopefully coming home with less than I started.  Otherwise, what would be the point, right?

Well, last full week of February, go on with your bad self.  I'm ready for whatever you've got coming.  Because I feel healthy, happy, and motivated.  And Life's Been Good To Me.  

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