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Friday, February 13, 2015

Rebounding From Illness Leads to New Discoveries and a President's Weekend To Do List

I finally feel healthy and it's about fucking time.  Last weekend was a complete and total waste.  Although, I did manage to get my hubby semi-interested in HOUSE OF CARDS and we did watch both seasons of MAGIC CITY in their entirety.  It's too bad that Starz can't keep a series past two seasons...other than SPARTACUS.

What I've mostly learned this week is that I can't let all my other previous learning and habits fall apart just because I lose control of my desire to be in control.  Yeah, that sounds stupid.  My hubby tells me over and over again, "The only control you have is self-control,"  And so I should be able to fall off the horse and get right back on it even though I may not want to or it may seem like a very large climb.  Being sick over the weekend and then into this new work week made me realize that I have to be more intentional about letting go and recharging.  And it's okay to break routine just as long as I get it back.  I think James Clear is the one who said "Never Miss Twice."  I'm six full weeks into 2015 and the goal to Become My Best Self, so it's time to follow up and follow through.

Today my husband and I made a recommitment to get back to healthy eating.  All this "feeding our colds" has made us slightly lethargic.  So this weekend we are menu planning and hitting Sprouts and Whole Foods to pick up the ingredients we need to get back on plan.  And I'm pretty sure that means completely plant based for both of us, although Charles is keeping eggs in the plan for his breakfasts.

Having finished Rich Roll's book, FINDING ULTRA, I've seen the progression he made to going plant based and he basically went all in.  I'm currently reading VEGAN BEFORE 6, by Mark Bittman, and am looking forward to seeing the different recipes that are included.  I'm definitely learning a great deal about the real content of the food we eat and what I should be looking for in purchasing whole foods.
if you haven't already figured out, i'm completely obsessed with this guy.  Charles is ALMOST jealous.

Meanwhile, my Blank Page experience is helping me get a grip on a product I want to give to the world.  I recently looked up the writing and research that I did for that one recreation management class I took at Chico State, and have started creating a couple outlines for a POSSIBLE ebook on "Life Balance 101 for the New Student Affairs Professional".  Which could lead to a second POSSIBLE ebook on "Navigating Your Role as Senior Manager and Steering the Ship to Role Model Wellness and Balance." These are high goals indeed, but something that I would very much like to produce for the world.  I could be my calling.  Maybe.

I've further discovered that there's money to be made through blogging - and while I'm not crazy enough to think that I'm leaving my job anytime soon, I have learned that there are people out there who want to help you build your blog and find affiliates that can help you earn a little on the side.  Thanks to a belated birthday present from a close friend in Atlanta, I'm excited to purchase Courtney Carver's microcourse on blogging this next week - AND I have signed up for her affiliate's program as well.  Seriously - if you feel overwhelmed with work or life right now, you HAVE to check out her stuff.  Reading her blog and her e-books has really made an impact on me and was one of the driving forces in setting my goals for 2015.

What lies ahead this weekend?  Three more days of productivity.  I was off today for President's Day and will be off on Monday as well.  Super excited to get a four day weekend!  Today was wonderful as I got some laundry done, took the hubby out for ramen (I still owed him one more ramen trip), did a very intense workout at the Rose Bowl (kettlebells rock!) and ran a few other errands.  There's much more to do including eBay posting, income tax prep, knitting, writing, washing the dogs, and finding my swimsuit so I can officially begin my triathlon training.

And, yeah, I realize that ramen isn't exactly fully plant-based, but I did say that we were recommitting to healthy eating - i just didn't tell you when.  LOL.  It'll be Sunday.  I gotta get the queso and mac and cheese out of my system.
One last hurrah never hurt anyone!

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AMY said...

Glad you are focused and feeling good! I've actually made a vegan Rotel cheeze dip that I thought was pretty good -- I'll share the recipe with you!