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Friday, March 6, 2015

I Picked the Wrong Week to.....

I reckon I am officially in a "rut".  I confessed this to my running group this week - thank you, Coach Jenny's Challengers for being as inspiring as ever and helping me prepare to turn the corner.

Because - oh no - I have not turned that corner yet.  While I am in good spirits and still feeling positive and empowered, I did not have a good week.

If you ever watched AIRPLANE! then you remember the various scenes featuring Lloyd Bridges talking about how he picked the wrong week to....and then fill in the blank with all the bad habits.  Yup, that was me this week.  I needed to have moved forward in my journey to Become My Best Self, and I fear that I just moved backward.  So there's more work to do.  But let's recap, shall we?

What was the BIG kicker from last week - if you are following along at home....?

Dairy.  Right.  I was gonna give up dairy.

Guess what?

I picked the wrong week to give up dairy.

So who realizes that she's getting her period and chooses THAT WEEK to not have access to ice-cream?  Big mistake.  Or, rather - am i making excuses to engage in poor health habits when I clearly have a goal for wellness?


So - I had my ice-cream (and it was good, too - Baskin Robbins Flavor of the Month is Snacknado, and it's all sorts of fun!) and now I'm ready to move on.  Next week will be better.  Won't it?  

Not so fast.  That meditation habit I created - has gone to pot.  I only "Got Some Headspace" one day this week.  Pathetic.

I picked the wrong week to ignore my meditation practice.

Seriously, when you realize you are struggling and you need something to help anchor you with positive healthy habits and a clear, happy head....why would you STOP meditating?  I should have been increasing my practice and insisting that I focus those few minutes each morning or mid-day on me.  I'm sure it could have brought me to a place where I kept my eye on the ball and didn't allow the little things to get to me.  Okay.  Lesson learned.

That's what YOU think.  Famous people die in 3's, so I guess my screw-ups can be in 3's as well.  How much did I work out this week?  Close to ZERO.  Granted, I had a killer swim workout on Saturday that made me throw up.  Gross.  I think I ingested too much water, and it was a totally weird feeling.  Still, that should have been incentive to work out MORE and get past the funk.  

I picked the wrong week to blow off exercise.

I hearken back to what James Clear has said on his blog about forming habits - never miss twice.  I went back and re-read this blog about "How to Build a New Habit" and I think it's time I got back to basics.  I started some great habits in January and early February, and there's just no reason to give up on them so early.  

In my quest to Become My Best Self this year, I need to own up that there are going to be setbacks.  I am going to have tough weeks.  But the difference between throwing in the towel and getting back on the horse (i'm just full of cliches today, huh?) is being able to look at yourself in the mirror, tell yourself it's gonna be okay, and get back to it.  So that's the plan.  

Hey,'s okay.  YOU'RE okay.  Get back to it.  Never.  Miss.  Twice.  

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