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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Overcoming My Bad Mood and Other Little Gems of the Week!

For a mid-week post, I was going to write about being in a BAD MOOD for the past few days - and I do want to talk about that - but then last night while searching the web for articles about blogging, I came across THIS little gem:

What a delicious concept for my three goals for Becoming My Best Self in 2015.  One of them is to declutter the space I occupy in this world.  So this little article has just given me a benchmark for progress!  SCORE!!

I thought I would take a few minutes to consider these 8 ways to declutter...and like I did with the MindBodyGreen article, "10 Signs You're The Best Version of Yourself", I'm going to rate myself from 1-10 on the strategy.  1 being "I suck at this" to 10 being "I am so totally ROCKING this!"

Know Your Priorities
Keep a Well-Organized Schedule
Keep a List, Any List
Make Shortcuts for Everything
Have Good Routines
Limit Your Social Media Usage
Separate Different Circles of Friends
Spend Time with the Right People

BUT:  first i HAVE to tell you about the very cool email I got from my "Be More With Less"  muse, Courtney Carver.  I had answered a survey on her page related to coaching and she wrote me back in less than 12 hours!  And given that I really appreciate this woman and her blog, I was overjoyed that she would take time to respond to my thoughts and questions.  She got me really thinking intentionally about how I want to move forward with my life and my life's work.  She is helping me believe that I have a future in launching my own business, starting with blogging and moving from there.  I have already purchased and am working my way through her micro-course called Zero to 100.  The course is only $10 and it's very easy to follow. In fact, I think I'm closer than I realize to actually launching a "real" blog!!  

So - ask me why I was in such a bad mood earlier this week?  Because I don't think I can tell you why anymore.  Even as I'm writing this, I feel so inspired to move forward, create, write, evolve, exercise, smile, laugh, be a grown-up, project happiness, and all the rest!  The quote in the picture below effectively describes how I'm feeling right now....

More to come on Friday...THANK YOU COURTNEY!!!

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