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Thursday, April 16, 2015

In Which McPeak Needs to Accentuate the Positive

It's been a tough couple weeks.  Work is stressful.  My weight-loss has stalled.  There have been really busy weekends and not many items being checked off the "to do" list.  Stress eating, missed workouts, and other things...let's just say that I've been pretty down on myself.  So it's time to focus on the positive.  I'm "forcing myself" to choose ten good things that have happened during the month of April so far that should propel me into an optimistic mindset and move through into May (and the big Gala event at PCC) and back on track completely.  

1.  I competed in my 23rd Half Marathon, which I ran with my friend Amy.  We were slow - we walked alot - but it was all kinds of fun and I'm glad that I finished another race.  

2.  I finished my first round of Project 333.  And it was kind of grind.  It was great having few choices each day and knowing that I wasn't letting my closet take control of my bedroom (LOL) - but there were days I would look at my closet and just say to myself, "geez, I've worn this dress twenty times!"  During the first week of April, I packed those ensemble items up  and put them away, and I've transitioned to a new quarter.  I haven't completely set up a capsule wardrobe just yet, but I have chosen some signature items.  I'm glad that I have this new mindset about getting by with less!

3.  I have begun to embrace and enjoy the simplicy of The Green Smoothie.  I joined a 30-day Green Smoothie Challenge - and while I'm failing at it right now, I'm enjoying trying new combinations and fueling my day with great GREEN food!

4.  The Management Association at PCC, of which I am a member since I'm part of the management team, just received final approval of our raises through the new Memoradum of Understanding.  While money does not guarantee happiness, I am thrilled to have a slightly bigger paycheck which should assist Charles and I in building a savings and getting ready to buy a house.  It's the little things, right?

5.  I am no longer afraid of swimming, of the swimming pool, of putting my face under the water, of properly swimming freestyle, of "breathing" between strokes, or any of those irrational things that prevented me from moving forward as a swimmer and budding triathlete.  My husband is a fantastic swim coach and has been so helpful.  For the first time in my life - EVER - I can say, "I LOVE SWIMMING!!!"

6.  I did finally get to a movie during the month of March.  I saw IT FOLLOWS, which probably could be renamed "Sexually Transmitted Ghost" was appropriately creepy and I did enjoy it.  

7.  This particular things hasn't happened yet, but my very best friend Molly is coming to visit this weekend.  Although she's coming for a knitting event as opposed to just a long weekend with me, she'll be staying with us and there will be Kris-and-Molly time.  I cannot wait.  I hope that seeing her reminds me that I do enjoy knitting and I should pick up my needles :)

I know, I promised ten things but I'm gonna stop at 7.  I think that's a good list of things to be happy about and I'm gonna roll into this weekend knowing that I have a ton of good things ahead and lots of reasons to be proud and optimistic!

Have a great weekend, everyone :)

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Amy Fujimoto said...

Thrilled I got to run another half with you. I promise I'll be faster next time!!! I keep thinking I gotta get on the smoothie bandwagon!