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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Shit I'm Gonna Do "ATG"

Yeah, I've given it a period of time in history:  "ATG".  Otherwise known as "After the Gala"

We are now six days away from the biggest and most elaborate event that my department has produced in my tenure here - possibly ever - and I'm both scared to death and super duper excited.  More than anything, I'm SO very ready for it to be over.  It's been a long grind and really has sucked the energy out of my team.  

So when ATG arrives, I'm really gonna get my shit in gear again.  I have a ton of things I need to and want to get done.  So with that in mind, here's a short list of shit I'm gonna do ATG:

1.  Kick Triathlon Training into HIGH GEAR:  that's gonna include weight lifting at the gym, weekend open water swims and LONG bike rides, and NEVER MISSING.  I'll have rest days, of course, but I WILL NOT miss workouts!!

2.   Seriousy eat better!  Reduce my dining out, stick with IF but start taking green smoothies to work and eating a hella bunch of salads.  Severly reduce the cheat days and cheat meals.  I can't train well or perform if I'm a big old fatty!

3.  Speaking of eating well, I'm gonna cook my way through Rich Roll's new book, THE PLANT POWER WAY.  Similar to Julie and Julia, I'm going to make EVERY recipie in this cookbook/lifestyle guide and I'm gonna blog about it.  Take pictures, review the recipie, do that shit up right!!

4.  Try to read more of these awesome books that I've invested in!  There are at least four books I've picked up on Amazon from the office budget and a couple others from Paperback time spent on reading must increase!!  Because it's fundamental and all, right?

5.  Binge watch something on Netflix in a single weekend.  I'm open to suggestions, but I think it's gonna be this show:

6.  Knit me a summer sweater!  I've got some lovely cotton/cashmere yarn that's calling to me...and I even have a pattern picked out!!

7.  Rock the Fucking Faux Hawk HARD CORE!  Get ready, Amber Donoho, we are going to shave and spike and pink things up.  Don't hold it against me that there's a Miley photo here...this is a super cute cut and I WANT IT!

8.  Invest quality time and effort to my marriage and making sure we have regular Date Nights!  We have been talking more and more about taking the train and branching out in LA, but even more so, we need to do more things together that don't involve training, eating, or watching TV.  

9.  Re-commit to my goals for 2015 and what it means to be to Become My Best Self.  I feel like I'm slacking on this and I would like to focus harder on those little things :)

10.  Pay more attention to my family, all of whom will be descending upon Nashville to see me and Charles compete in the Music City Triathlon.  I'm really excited to see them, but I need to be a better big sister and reach out/connect with my siblings and their awesome kids.  Just because I live in California, I don't have to act like a fanc LA douchy person, LOL.

Ten examples of cool shit I'm gonna do ATG.  I can't wait!!!

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