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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Confessions of a Former Housing Professional

It's that time of year all over the country where former high school seniors are packing up the SUV - and maybe hauling a trailer - and making their way to colleges so they can move into the residence hall (I still can't say dorm).  And as someone who used to spend the entire month of August getting ready for this very day, I feel for my former colleagues who are struggling on four hours of sleep and eating when they can. It's a busy time and it's usually very hot.  

And yet, there are moments in my work life and personal life where I still feel the connection to my housing compadres and the life they lead.  So with all the love and respect in my heart, here are ten confessions I must make as a Recovering Housing Professional.  

1.  When doing my lunchtime laps around the campus, I still feel the need to tell students they need to take their smoking away from the trees and over to the sidewalk.  

2.  I find myself wanting to remove door stops from office doors.  

3.  While I no longer feel the need to answer my phone EVER - i still look to see who's calling.  When I'm really tired, sometimes I think I see the words DUTY in the caller ID.  Sometimes.

4.  When purchasing office supplies, I still insist on having a set of Mr. Sketch Markers around.  

5.  I have considerably fewer meetings these days, but I'm only on time to half of them because I find myself on "housing time."

6.  I still want to do icebreakers and teambuilders at management meetings and Board retreats.  In fact, I actually did one at the Music City Triathlon pre-race dinner that I planned for my family/friends who were in town.

7.  I still get raised hackles (that's dog lingo) when a parent comes to my office.  

8.  Sometimes I check restaurants to make sure there are no students there.  Because I might want a margarita or something.

9.  I completely and totally still believe in "mental health days" and I completely and totally take them.  

10.  I have a box full of old door decs, conference name tags, and notes from students.  You may leave the job, but the feelings and relationships NEVER leave you :)

I hope that everyone has a very successful move-in week and that all of y'all get some rest!  Make those students welcome!!  

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