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Sunday, November 29, 2015

WAKE UP! A New Program to Close out 2015

Like I needed another thing to do in December of 2015...I already have two events in the next ten days, plus a swim meet weekend.  And then there's holiday shopping.  Holy Shit.  But I think I'm gonna be glad that I did this one - I think I am already!
So - i got an email from Matt Frazier and "No Meat Athlete" and he was selling the NMA 2015 Bundle - which I've never considered getting before but this year it was really speaking to me.  Probably because it was only $49 and I could pay with PayPal's deferred billing concept.  So I got it.  There's over $400 worth of content in this bad-boy, all of it related to improving health and fitness and mental well-being, and from a plant-based/vegan mentality.  Sort of.  But you only have until December 2nd to get it...and so I did.  
The part of this bundle I'm starting right now is the "Wake Up" program.  It's 31 days of daily audio lessons, a daily assignment, and some extra pursuits for the weekends.  I've listened to the introduction and Lesson One so far.  So I guess it's safe to say I have officially started this program.  
The introduction was just telling me what I need to know about the program.  It's going to be exactly what I just wrote in the paragraph above.  Day One is encouraging me to create an Anchor Habit.  Something that I love to do but haven't yet found the wherewithal to do every single day.  You pick ONE thing, start small, and do that one thing every day.  I need to be specific of what I'll do and how much each and every day.  
As I'm writing this, I'm torn between reading, writing, and meditating as my anchor habit.  I already know that I intend to do more reading in 2016; so maybe that's an anchor habit I begin creating in January.  I also know that I intend to do a shit-ton of blogging next maybe writing every day is something that I need to think about (especially since I have the Blank Page website encouraging me to write just 250 words a day!).  But while I WAS meditating in 2015 until I had to give it up....I was really digging on that.   And I found a podcast that I can subscribe to for daily meditations.  
The good news is that I have all day to figure this out.  And then I can define what that anchor habit looks like. 
Okay, here we go.....

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