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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Finally - My 2015 TRIUMPHS!! Wave Your Hands in the Air!!

It's pretty much time to get 2015 in the books and start moving ahead to Epic 2016.  These past couple weeks have been filled and occupied with scholarship ceremony tasks at work, moving offices, and desperately trying to have comfort in the new work space.  At home, it's been about forming new habits and having a system in place for achieving my goals in 2016.  But I have not yet begun to reflect on 2015 and decide if I've Become My Best Self.  I know the answer to that question is a resounding NO, but I've definitely made progress in that arena.  
As I'm writing this very paragraph, I'm thinking about how to review this past year, what to focus on, and how to determine what the triumphs are.  I already posted on gratitude and shortcomings, so the final blog post related to Becoming My Best Self should definitely be the VICTORIES.  And what better way to celebrate these than to read over blog posts from 2015.  

GEEZ - i seriously did a shit-ton of writing this year!  That's so friggin' awesome!  Probably my best writing year yet.  And you can tell the busy months due to fewer blog posts.  But that's totally okay.  Because, as Kathy Freston says, it's all about Progress, Not Perfection.  I want this blog to, in many ways, be a gift to the world...and make the world a better place.  But I think in the grand scheme of things, it's a gift to MYSELF, to make ME a better PERSON.

January and February, 2015 - these blog posts were mainly focused on my new 2015 quest, becoming my best self, and doing a regular job of focusing on the progress I've made in this arena.  I share a lot of stories about the Rich Roll podcast, Project 333 (which I clearly both loved AND hated), and trying to be the best Plant Based Athlete ever.  In my quest to give up dairy...oh, wait, I actually DID give up dairy...and went back to it.  Dammit.  
March and April 2015 - in which I spent a good portion of those two months beating myself up for not being perfect.  Seriously.  If you go back and read those blog posts, I'm ragging on myself for not giving up dairy, for having a shitty half-marathon race, for creating a new to-do list and not following up on it.  Each beat-up blog post is followed by a forgiveness blog post, so I guess I did okay after all.  Or did I?

May and June 2015 - Very little writing during these two months.  Probably because of the gala.  Defining all kinds of neat things I wanted to do AFTER the gala.  Most of which I kind of did.  There was that Cook-My-Way-Through-The-Plant-Power-Way-And-Blog-About-It thing...that didn't happen.  And is now a goal for 2016.  Crazy.  June, just one blog post.  Mostly, once again, about getting clarity and forgiving myself (again).  And training for that Triathlon thing that I did.  

July and August 2015 - this is all about mid-term progress and looking at food experiments.  Oh, and that Triathlon Thing.  One EPIC Race Report!!
September and October 2015 - More food experiments and  HUGE epiphany about why I want to be a plant based athlete.  And turning a corner with watching some documentaries.  And (kind of) drawing a line in the sand.  And taking a stand.  
November and December 2015 - watching October go by like a flash...reflecting on the year...finishing another race...feeling good about moving forward.
So, here we are.  12 months later.  A Lot of writing.  A Lot of new experiences and reflection. 
What ARE my victories this year?  That I had a GREAT year and I learned SO MUCH.  I'm not all the way vegan right now.  It's okay.  I've learned so much about what it MEANS to be vegan and why I want it.  I'm not at my optimal race weight, this year.  That's okay.  I know what I need to do to get it and just need to be accountable to myself.  I dedicated a full year to expressing myself in writing and sharing some of my biggest fears and deepest doubts.  I learned about minimalism and practiced it a little.  I became happier with less.  
Even more exciting - with my husband and friend, I launched a new business.  With more to come in 2016.  And I've set a routine in place to make me more productive and happier.
I still have much reflection to do about what I want to accomplish in 2016.  But I've laid some really excellent ground work.  And I'm REALLY proud of 2015.  

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