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Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Winter Break Bucket List - 15.16 Edition

If you've followed my blog at all this year, you know that LAST December I posted a Winter Break Bucket List:  things that I wanted to accomplish during the time I was off work for the Winter Break Closing at PCC.  In the past, this time was always dedicated to seeing as many movies as possible.  I still intend to see some movies, but there's a shit-ton of other stuff I gots to get done during this break.  

I'm dividing this Bucket List into categories - once again.  And those fall like this:
1.  Health and Fitness
2.  Spiritual and Mental
3.  Social and Fun
4.  Household and Home
5.  Business
Health and Fitness covers all the running and training I want to do.  There's a running streak to complete and a Half Marathon to run.  There's also some NIKE Fuel Trophies I can earn if I am intentional.  I STILL need to get the Party Animal trophy by earning 2000 NIKE Fuel between 10pm-1am.  With my sleep schedule, that's tricky - but if I take an early evening nap and have Charles walk me to the gym, it's do-able.

Spiritual and Mental covers my personal learning and reflection.  So there will be reading, investigating new podcasts, and finishing the No Meat Athlete "Wake Up" program, as well as connecting with an Accountability Partner (you ready, Heather?) for My Miracle Morning and the 30 Day Transformation.

Social and Fun includes, well, FUN stuff.  This is where I will plan to see at least FIVE movies and in at least three different movie theaters.  I also want to convince my hubby to do an LA Train Trip.  And I want to finish some knitting projects.  This could ALSO include spending a day binge-watching something...we will see.

Household and Home will connect me (and the hubby) with some minimalist projects.  We desperately want to PURGE the garage in what will be an all-day chore.  I also want to reorganize my closet and the bathrooms.  And seriously clean those bathrooms.  

Finally, the Business details of the Winter Break Bucket List.  Yes, the sexy chore of preparing tax paperwork and sorting receipts.  Ugh.  This may need to be done while binge watching something, LOL.  There are also details about Silver Peak Performance that need to be researched - ordering apparel, doing daily Facebook posts, and planning our race calendar for the year.  

So - not too shabby!  Lots to do in order to make Winter Break 15.16 productive, busy, and FUN!

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