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Friday, January 1, 2016

2016: New Year, New Habits, New ME!

It's New Years Day in Sunny Pasadena (have you heard that one before?)  As I'm writing this, my poor husband is drinking green tea in bed with a horrid cold.  I'm watching the Rose Parade on TV and doing this.  If you follow my blog at all (only one follower, woo hoo!), you know that I have made a pretty big deal of the Winter Break and New Years Goal Setting.  I get excited to look forward into the new year and give myself new things to do.  I find that it enriches my life and helps me develop new knowledge and hobbies.  This year, however, the Goal Setting started a bit earlier.  
Thanksgiving Weekend was the weekend that I started a new Anchor Habit.  And essentially getting my goals for 2016 up and running.
I purchased the No Meat Athlete 2015 bundle, which included the Wake Up audio program - 31 Days of Action to Take Charge of Your Life.  And it's safe to say my life is changing.

Participating in this program has led me to read/hear two similarly themed books:

Jeff Sander's book came with the NMA Bundle; and I bought the Miracle Morning as an audible book.  I have basically completed both books in the past 30 days and can safely say that I've created a Miracle Morning routine.  You can go back and review my previous blog post on the Wake Up program here.
The Wake Up Program had me creating 1-3 short term goals (for the year) and then 1-3 long term goals (3-5 years).  One of those goals I feel that I've already met - and that's developing the habit of a Miracle Morning.  But since I've already found myself an accountability partner, I'm going to complete the 30 Day Transformation program that came with the book - this will give me a way to share my knowledge with Heather and get to know her better.  This can only serve both me and Heather very well.  
Jeff Sander's book also focused on daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly review systems.  He also suggested that you set goals for the QUARTER, and not for the year.  I genuinely like this idea because it permits for flexibility and life events.  
The other short term/year long goals I wrote about included reaching my optimum race weight (finally - how long have I been talking about that??) and developing a new skill or practice to put into Silver Peak Performance
.  As I continued to work through the Wake Up Program and reading those two books, I believe I might have chosen the wrong goals.  I don't think I can focus specifically on "losing weight" any longer.  While it's a measurable goal that can be assessed and reviewed ("I will reach my goal weight of 130 pounds by December 31, 2016"), it's basically something I've said almost every year for the past three years.  And ME learning a new skill or practice (I was leaning towards becoming a certified yoga instructor or getting a nutrition certificate) may be thinking too far ahead.  The business itself is still lacking several key components.  So while I fully intend to manage those things in my future, I need to focus on smaller, specific bits of the Elephant that is 2016.
Having said all that, I'm putting time, energy, effort, and passion into the Quarterly System and planning to spend one quarter at a time focusing on 1-2 small but very important things.  

So:  Welcome to the Kris McPeak Quarterly Journal :)  Where I will accept possible missions and achieve them.  Where I will manifest the most amazing life I've ever lived - and where I will serve humankind with my gifts.  

January - March 2016
The two main things I want to accomplish during this quarter are to prepare and enjoy 20 meals from THE PLANT POWER WAY; and to successfully get the Silver Peak Performance website up and running.  Experiencing this cookbook that I bought back in APRIL in a quest to be a WFPB (Whole Foods Plant Based) person will insure that Charles and I make a smooth transition to this lifestyle by trying new recipes, learning more about plant-based cuisine, and understanding further the knowledge of Rich Roll and Julie Piatt.  I owe much of my positive attitude on food to their example.  

That website is a bigger challenge that will take more of my time and energy - as well as Charles' time and energy.  But there are meetings to be had, story-boarding to facilitate, content to develop, and photographs to be taken.  That website will allow us to market the business and thrive in the social media world.  It's very important to get moving.  There's a huge long list of things involved with that, but I will invest more reflection on that in up-and-coming posts.  

These two quarterly goals feel very focused and specific - and have a definite outcome.  Either I will have prepared 20 recipes or I will have not.  Either that website will be live or it will not.  But I feel very content with what I'm putting on my plate, and I WILL eat that elephant one bite at a time.  

Happy New Year, y'all!  I hope that 2016 is your happiest and most productive year EVER. 

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