Saturday, April 30, 2016

I Want May Flowers and THEN Some!!

I became VERY aware that much has changed since this time last year....

1.  My hubby and I moved.
2.  He left a certain swim team and kinda joined another.
3.  I celebrated my 3 year anniversary at PCC.
4.  Well, sadly, I still weigh about the same.

You know how Facebook reminds you of your memories each day from years past?  Kinda cool, right?  I was recently reminded that I did a GREAT job keeping up my blog at this time last year - even with the Big Gala pending.  I made a lot of lists last year around this time:

Ten Things to Do In May
"Shit I'm Gonna Do ATG (After the Gala)"

Well, I guess I just made two lists.  Maybe I did make more, I just can't remember.  

In any case, I got excited thinking about things that I'd like to do during the month of May.  Much of this revolves around the notion that our routine has changed significantly since moving to Sunland.  I swim now...I drive to work once more...we are eating differently....and my race schedule just changed.  Moving can really shake things up; and there were some good habits I had started that I'd like to reincorporate into the mix.  Plus, I just need to do more with my time besides watch TV and knit.  Although, both activities are great.  

Anyway, here are things I'd like to accomplish during the month of May, 2016!

1.  Get back to morning routine (meditate at least three days per week) 

I was doing SO WELL with my Miracle Morning.  I was meditating, writing, reading, and rolling into my exercise routine.  I need to think about how this changes now - because 4 of 5 days each week, we leave the house between 5:15-5:30am to get to the Rose Bowl.  I will mean doing things faster in the morning, but....

2.  WRITE every day in May!

I COULD accomplish the writing part of the Morning Miracle each day in the office.  Why not?  I only have to write for ten minutes; so I could easily do that at my desk before I open the email.  

3.  Ride Lucille - My Feisty TREK Road Bike - a minimum of 1 hour, 1 day per week.

Well, I have committed to a sprint triathlon in November; and since I'm not running any half-marathons until July, why shouldn't I get on my bike and remember how to ride it?  Lucille is a good road bike and I know she misses me.
My Lucille is MUCH prettier :)

4.  Read a fiction book (a real paperback BOOK - not anything on Kindle)

I have two of these on my shelf that are just reading to dig into:  FRIDAY NIGHT KNITTING CLUB and THE WHITE QUEEN.  I should be reading more rather than playing the iPad in bed every night of the week.  Instead of the iPad, why not read for ten minutes before bed?  Seriously.

5.  Read a non-fiction book (again - a REAL live book, not anything on Kindle)

See notes for #4.  I have SO many non-fiction books on my shelf that I've purchased and NEVER read.  This...must...stop.

6.  See three movies

I mean, come on, May is the kick off of Summer Movie Season. And if I'm not racing until July, I can squeeze in a few weekend matinees!  Very excited for the comic book franchises continuing this summer - and anytime Ryan Gosling is funny...well, that's totally cool.

7.  Do all the felting I've completed

There are easily 6-7 knitted bags that have been stuffed in the closet, awaiting felting in the wash machine.  Think I was unconsciously waiting to have a new washer so that I wasn't felting in our neighbors washer, LOL.

8 and 9:  Schedule a girl date with Amy and Schedule a BGBF (best gay boyfriend) date with Ryan 

It's been just plain stinky to have not had more time with my friend Amy - especially given that she's had a very stressful 2016 thus far.  Even though we live about 20 miles away now, I need to schedule time with her to get caught up and visit!!

And Ryan might very well be moving back north any time I need a movie and drinking date with him before he leaves me!!  

10.  Send Mother's Day cards to all the moms in my life 

Goes without saying - so why am I saying it?  Because I forget sometimes.  And since my own biological mom passed away when I was 9, I want the other moms in my life to know that I cherish their role in my world and that I love them.  

11.  Unpack the summer clothes!

YES!  This is a totally fun project!  Have to take EVERYTHING out of my closet, re-assess it for summer months, and then restructure the closet to include warm weather items.  Plus, I have to try everything back on to make sure it still fits!  

12.  List five more things on Poshmark

OH!  You've not discovered Poshmark yet?  You don't know what you are missing!  Picture eBay that's TOTALLY fashion savvy with a hint of social networking.  That's Poshmark.  I'm not making a killing on this site, but I could totally post more stuff and clean out the closet area better.  I need to start "modeling" the items I'm posting.  I need Charles to help me with that one :)

13.  Host a dinner party and invite a couple COOL couples over

Charles and I have been trying to have a damn housewarming party or SOMETHING - but triathlons, races, and swim meets just keep getting in the way.  We have the PERFECT space for entertaining, so I really want to make this happen in May when the weather is nice, not too hot, ready to have people over to enjoy Charles' cooking and my baking (see the last two items!!)

14.  Do ten push-ups every day

And I don't mean girlie push ups, either.  I want to learn to do a seriously awesome push up!

15.  Put your iPad away 30 minutes before bed, every night.

This relates back to #'s 4 and 5 - but even if I weren't going to read in bed, Shawn Stevenson says that you should put your devices away before bed to get better sleep.  Not that I have shitty sleep - although lately my Sleep Alarm app is rating me between 65-75% high quality sleep each night.  But I know I'm not sleeping well.  I gotta fix this!!

16.  Post three blog entries

Holy Cow - I'm so behind.  I must write more.  I'll figure out what to write about later - i just pledge to do this more in May.  At least three :)

17.  Order Silver Peak business cards

Because, really, Charles needs business cards to book clients (although, I suppose we need a website first....but we can make this work.  For Real).

18.  Plant tomatoes SOMEWHERE/SOMEHOW

Charles has started to make me a raised garden box so I can have my own produce.  We are slightly behind on this, but I really REALLY want those tomatoes, so hopefully this month we can make it happen.  Somewhere.  Somehow.

19.  Buy another house plant AND repot Matilda 

For the first time EVER in my life, I've kept a plant alive for Two.  Straight.  Months.  My fern, Matilda, is busting out of her pot; so we need to replant her.  Which means she's going outside.  Which means I need a new houseplant in my kitchen window sill to nurture :)

20.  Make a successful batch of sourdough starter and TWO non-bread recipes

I'm learning a lot about gut-health and the microbiome.  I've ALWAYS liked sourdough bread - and actually used to make it for Thanksgiving.  Well, now, it would seem that eating sourdough things every so often is SUPER good for you.  So I want to make it again.  And I want to make non-break sourdough doughnuts, muffins, pancakes...let's see how creative I can get!!

starter is not pretty, but it creates....THIS...

21.  Bake SOMETHING fun and low-sugar from scratch

Charles love to cook - and I love to bake.  And I don't make time for baking.  Probably because I just make stuff that's bad for me.  So, I'm gonna find a low sugar/natural/healthy recipe for a fun baked good that I can share with the girls in the office and my neighbors.  What ever shall I make?

Ambitious list.  Not gonna lie.  But these aren't exactly NEW things - not necessarily NEW skills.  Just making sure that my empty time isn't so empty.  And having goals when i'm not exactly training is a good idea.  May has always been the end of the spring semester in my mind as well as the beginning of summer.  So I want my summer to begin STRONG and purposeful!  So there!  Here we go....

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