Monday, May 16, 2016

May Is Half Over and I Am Discouraged

Dang it.  I hate when I get so ambitious that I can't see straight.  It's funny to think that one year ago today, May 16th, I was part of one of the hugest activites ever for Pasadena City College....and yet one year later all I really want to do is just sit around, binge watch TV and knit.

That's not all the way true.  I enjoy my fitness and training - and while I don't have any races coming up just yet, I have been making the best of my time at the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center - and because of where we live, I have access to good running hills.

Still, I made a huge list of stuff I wanted to get done during the month of May, and at the half way point of the month, I am definitely not half way through my list.  Some things are going well - some are not.  Here's a quick update:

1.  Morning Routine - okay, skip this one (insert sad face here)

2.  Write Every Day in May - ugh, skip this one as well

3.  Ride my Road Bike at least one hour at a time, one day per week - okay, here's a success story.  Sort of.  I've taken Lucille out for a ride twice now:  once with Charles and Phoebe at Hansen Dam, and once with the hubby to Hansen Dam and back.  Both rides were decent - Charles says I'm a climber, but I never do feel like it very much.  I feel very grateful to finish these rides, but I'm proud that I get out there.

4 and 5 are about reading more - Fiction and Non-Fiction.  Doing okay here....slowly slugging through the GUTBLISS book, which is absolutely blowing my mind.  So far, no fiction.  I actually sold that FRIDAY NIGHT KNITTERS CLUB book so I'll need to get started on WHITE QUEEN soon.  I struggle with whether I should finish my non-fiction book first.  Maybe I'll try to mix that up a little this week!

6.  See 3 Movies - epic fail.  Not one theater film yet.

7.  Do all the felting that I've completed over the past year - Some success here as well!  Felted three bags over this past weekend.  Two of them will probably become presents at some point; the third one did not turn out as I'd hoped; it will need some alterrations.  I still have two more bags to get in the washer; one of them still needs a strap and an i-cord.  Maybe by this next week.

8 and 9:  scheduling fun dates with my friends Amy and Ryan.  Another Fail.  I suck.

10.  Send Mother's Day Cards to the Moms in my Life - another success!  They were a little late getting out, but they got out!

11 - 13:  all epic fails for now.

14.  Do 10 pushups each day.  Real Ones.  Not Girlie Ones.  Meh.  Started this and realized that I can't even do three pushups at once before getting whooped.  But in all fairness to me (ha ha), during the first week of May, I did have some weird back and neck pain that kept me off the pushups.  Although the way my back and shoulders feel with all the swimming I'm doing, I don't think I'll be doing many more pushups this month.  Maybe I oughta just call this one now....?

15.   Putting the iPad away at least 30 minutes before bedtime - this is working!  I'm using my initial time in the bed to do my reading rather than screwing around with my devices!  I wish I could say it's helping my sleep, but Duke still has the runs, so one of us has to let him out at night to use the bathroom.  Poor Duke.

16-18:  Writing, Tomatoes, Business Cards - all epic fails for now.

19.  Getting a new plant and repotting Matilda:  SUCCESS!  

I've not been able to keep plants alive - EVER.  But now that I have a new place to live that seems to really inspire me to have foliage around and so when we moved into the Sunland house, I got a fern.  And named her Matilda.  So this past weekend I repotted her and she's hanging on our front porch.  She looks amazing.  Then I bought my second house plant - a dracaena.  I named her Grace.

20 and 21.  Make Sourdough Starter and Healthy Baked Goods - meh.  Maybe this weekend.  Phoebe and I have started doing some baking on the weekends.  Let's see if she'll come over.

I have two more full weeks of May - plus Memorial Day Weekend.  I can finish this To-Do List!!

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