Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Gut Bliss - Day 3

Wednesday, June 15 is the third day on the program.  Which means after today I only have SEVEN MORE DAYS of this.  I'm not bored - yet.  Just figuring that i need to be more creative about my meals.  I am going to get sick of beans and rice and smoothies pretty soon.

Jumped on the scale before having any beverages - and I'm down another 2.8 pounds!  Total weight loss is close to 4 pounds.  Started this morning with a non-green smoothie - blueberries, bananas, and almond milk. Then realized that I needed SOME sort of green smoothie.  Remembering I had a packet of smoothie ingredients in the freezer - from FEBRUARY - I decided to use that.  It had beets in it.  And later that day I remember why it's been sitting there since FEBRUARY.  It's a god-awful mix of nasty tasting stuff.  I managed to get down 16 ounces of it before lunch but threw the rest away.  GROSS.  No more beet smoothies for me.

I should also mention that I slept in a little today - did not do a formal workout.  Got in a little bit of walking today while at the office.  I am pretty sure that I stood the entire time at my desk today.  No sitting other than the two meetings and my lunch.  Not bad.  My feet still feel pretty sore, and I would do some squats every now and then to kind of stretch everything out.  This standing desk thing is still something to get used to.

My lunch was pretty awesome, actually.  Beans, rice, avocado, corn, and avocado with a peach/pineapple salsa, plus a green salad.  Yeah, beans and rice, but adding the corn and the salsa is yummy.  I've eaten avocado with my lunch pretty much every day this week.  Not overly full today, and there was a point in the afternoon where I decided to finally get my snack from yesterday - cherries and grapes.  I didn't realize I was hungry, but I scarfed those down pretty fast.

Slacking a bit in my water consumption...I think I need to find a better way of getting my water other than the infused stuff.  And yet, I need to stay off the artificial sweeteners.  Maybe some different combinations - but in reality, that gets expensive.  I'm not sure I'm ready to use the fruit after it's been soaking in water all day.  Meh.  I guess it could be worse.  The water app is helping, a little.  At least it reminds me that I need to hydrate.  But I'm not gonna lie - I miss those flavor water packets.  My Jolly Rancher Watermelon and Cherry.

I guess it's something to think about - when the ten day span is over, then what?  The books suggests that you can incorporate things back into your diet little by little - and see how your body reacts to using them.  Of the SAD GAS items - what am I missing most after three days?  Not the soy, and not the alcohol.  But that's two out of six.  Let's see....I miss ice cream and yogurt.  PB&J sammies.  Which I could probably actually have if I found a good type of bread.  And then there's the sugar.  How do you really give up sugar forever?  I might google that and see what has been written about it.

Dinner was some "smashed" sweet potatoes and yams with a little corn.  I bought vegan butter and vegan cream cheese.  The Vegan Butter we've had before - Earth Balance, I think.  But I never had this brand of vegan cream cheese - Daiya.  Tofutti is not an option because it's soy based.  This replacement smells like cream cheese, the flavor is just a little...what's the word...stale?  I think it's fine for adding creaminess to something  - like smashed potatoes or maybe eggs.  I don't think I would enjoy this brand of cream cheese on a bagel.  As I'm writing this now - about 45 minutes after eating dinner - I'm a little hungry, but I don't really feel like eating anything else.

Three days down - seven more to go.  Time to read up on some other recipes i can enjoy!

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