Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Gut Bliss - Day One

Off to a good start - as I'm writing this it's only 9:52am and I haven't quit yet, LOL.

First beverage of the day was a half a grapefruit squeezed into a glass with 1 T of honey and 1/2 T of Apple Cider Vinegar.  This is supposed to help with fat burning.  We will see.

Then I created my Smoothie, according to the Smoothie Shred group, not Dr. Chutkan's smoothie.  Still much of the same ingredients - I'm missing the psyllium husks, so tomorrow I may throw some metamucil in there.  My photo below is really dark :(

Today's ingredients:
Power Greens for Juicing (Kale and Spinach)
1 granny smith apple
1 c green grapes
2T Whole Flaxseeds
1 frozen Banana

They say you can drink it all at once or split it up. I filled one Mason Jar with smoothie stuff from this pitcher and drank the rest for breakfast.  It's a good pre-workout energy drink, but my 9am I was starving.  Tried to stave off hunger by eating a handful of grapes and a few almonds.  Hope.  At 10:38am, I went to the office fridge and drank the rest of my smoothie, from the Mason Jar. 
Ah, the importance of the Hydro Flask - that I need to drink a shit ton of water today.  Seriously.  And none of it can have those artificial sweetener sugar free flavor packets.  Damn it.  So I made some fruit infused water this morning.  Bought some lemon, mint, lime, and cucumber.  The first batch of 24 ounces was strawberry (which I already had with me), mint, and lemon.  It's seriously delicious.  Tomorrow I'm going to try lime, cucumber, and mint.  That is supposedly fat burning.  

Lunch time - I had a salad of greens, edamame, black beans, avocado, and brown rice.  The avocado was supposed to make things a little creamier with no dressing.  I'd say it tasted okay.  It was filling at least.  In the afternoon, I finished off the grapes and made more infused water with strawberry and lemon.  So I'm feeling pretty good about my day thus far.

Home for dinner - Charles had prepared a fish dish with some sauteed greens and a big salad of cucumber, tomato, and red onion.  The salad was dressed with balsamic and apple cider vinegar and a little oil.  It was quite delicious and I could have eaten a full bowl of that stuff.  Going into 7pm, Charles had already gone to bed and I was strangely hungry.  I was preparing my water infusion ingredients for Tuesday and one of the recipes called for just two slices of green apple - so I ate the rest of the apple with some peanut butter.  Sugar free, all natural peanut butter.

Day One is in the books.  Moving on....

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